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6d6 Core + Quantum Flux + Cybernetics

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6d6 Core + Quantum Flux + Cybernetics


6d6 - A Game for the 21st Century

"This is a really tight little rules set that is very detailed. I’ve played and enjoyed card-based systems before and I’m impressed with the innovation for play and the interplay of cards and flow that go into making up actions. It changes the dynamic from a typical tabletop RPG and even from the other card-based RPGs I’ve played. The freedom to design an action from all your cards is compelling."  - The Rhetorical Gamer, review of 6d6 Core

Read more reviews on our 6d6 Core + Outbreak! bundle and our web site.

Chris Tregenza running 6d6 at Indiecon 2010

Hello, I'm Chris Tregenza

I wrote 6d6 because I did not have the time to read a 300 page rule book. I wrote it because I was frustrated by players' turns taking 10 minutes as they worked out the modifiers to their attack roll for each the seven different spell effects currently running. I wrote it because I wanted game mechanics that supported my role-playing and characterisation.

I released it under the Creative Commons because I want people to share and pass round my PDFs. I made everything available free-to-read online because buying an RPG product should never be a leap in the dark and I created the Living Document Promise because I believe you should only need to buy a game once.

6d6 Core

6d6 CoreThe 6d6 Core explains how to play the 6d6 RPG from first principles right up to expanding the game. The table of contents and everything else in the book can all be read online. As the core rule set, the book does not come with any details about a setting or pages of monster stats and character types. These the GM will have to create, or they can use the growing library of adventures and settings.

Quantum Flux

Outbreak!A nightmarish adventure featuring abandoned spacecrafts, crazy AIs and non-Earth origin lifeforms. Designed as a starter adventure, the first couple of encounters ease the players and game master into the 6d6 RPG and the scenario before setting the characters free to explore the 11 decks of an abandon craft.


CyberneticsA 30 page supplement for the 6d6 Core that adds cybernetics enhancements and synthetic bodies to the player's options. Includes five new path cards and 45 augmentations for your science fiction characters. 

The Living Document, What Is That All About?

6d6 believe you should only have to buy a game once and not need to spend more money just because the publisher decides to release a new edition. After buying and registering any 6d6 product, we promise that no matter how many versions, editions and updates of the 6d6 Core or Quantum Flux we do in the future, you will always be able to download the latest version.

Anything Else I Should Know?

6d6 is an open company. All our plans are discussed in public and our financial situation can be read about on our blog. We are building a company for long-term success which means we have to support and reward our writers. Instead of paying them royalties, we pay them one third of the sales price (excluding the reseller's cut). So whatever you pay for this PDF, after RPG Now take their 35% cut, two thirds cover the company's overhead and one third of that goes to the writer.

Any More Questions?

If you have any questions about 6d6, the core rules, Quantum Flux, Cybernetics or the business, or if you are interested in writing for 6d6, please just ask. We can be found on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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June 19th, 2012
So what does Cybernetics add to the existing 6d6 package? What it adds is a whole new range of possibilities for both players and GMs to get stuck into. In particular, what is added is the futuretech that’s needed to expand the core 6d6 rules into.. [...]
June 18th, 2012
6D6's Latest offering is Cybernetics is a treat! I am normally a fantasy driven player and normally skip past most tech based products but I'm very glad I picked this up. For the 6D6 system (which also comes with this tasty bundle) cybernetics gives [...]
June 18th, 2012
Ok so this reveiw focuses on the Cybernetics portion of the bundle. When it comes to a cybernetics supplement for an existing sci-fi game in general they tend to leave you lacking. Most supplements of this type simply give a set of rules for cyberne [...]
June 16th, 2012
I'm just going to review Cybernetics this time. It begins with an interesting look at prosthetics from the days of myth and legend to the present, before explaining what's available with the supplement and how it all works. It's fluff, but it's good, [...]
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6d6 Fireball
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