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Savage Tales #3: On the Rocks

Savage Tales #3: On the Rocks


Welcome to Takanak City and the Roaring Twenties!

In this Savage Worlds adventure, a group of mugs is hired to escort an expensive statuette from an antiquities dealer to the estate of the reclusive millionaire, Hugh Howards. Things don't go as planned, however, and the heroes wind up in a free-for-all in one of Takanak City's most exclusive speakeasies--the Carat Club.

On the Rocks features new Hindrances, a new power, a new relic, pregenerated player characters, and Figure Flats for all the characters you'll encounter! Look for full-scale maps of the club on our website at

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August 22nd, 2005
Gangsters and curses and magick?!?! Like an episode of sliders gone out of control, this is still an enjoyable item. QUALITY: Acceptable VALUE: Satisfied [...]
June 23rd, 2004
This was a bit disappointing as pulp adventures go. It was too linear with an unsatisfying ending. With a little work it could be quite good though, and does come with some useful standups and a speakeasy setting. My biggest complaint was that it was [...]
May 8th, 2004
This is a pretty good delivery from Savage Worlds, but I would suggest 50 Fantoms or Evernight first. [...]
March 24th, 2004
I have to say this was a disappointment. The background material was stellar, and it comes with flat figures. The adventure is very weak and short however, and I don't think it does the material justice. [...]
December 27th, 2003
I had essentially already purchased this adventure when I'd bought the Games Unplugged it originially appeared in. I'd like to see more the setting & if you don't have that issue buy it. [...]
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