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Church & State

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Pitting the PCs against the mob, a Marxist revolutionary, crooked lawyers, and the Archangel Mikhael, Church and State is a massive Bronze Age adventure that tears events from the headlines and recasts them into Four Color spectacle. Church and State combines pavement pounding combat, hard boiled investigation, and gritty politics in a scenario sure to test the mettle, the morals, and the moxie of your heroes! This first Superlink product from Brand's Brand Publications is designed to be run in a generic city setting, and will fit into any urban campaign.

Church and State includes:

  • A full-length adventure with a flexible structure that allows PC actions to determine the course of play while still giving ample support to the GM.
  • Maps for all important scenes and locations, including detailed benchmarks for common items found in super-human combat.
  • Over 50 new NPCs, including 2 antagonistic heroes, 5 super villains, mobsters, lawyers, and celebrities. Also includes 20 new Supporting Cast archetypes that can be used in any urban adventure.
  • A system of Genre Points to give your games a more comic book feel, whether it's Bronze, Silver, or Golden Age.
  • A system for Investigation Montages that lets super-investigators strut their stuff with as much detail as they want.
  • A 108 page adventure with a 35 page Combat Support booklet with maps, art, and easy combat sheets for all the major NPCs.

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January 9th, 2006
Excellent product! The floor plans were unique and well thought out. I got a lot of utility of this product. LIKED: Tons of info and very well put together The layout was easy to read and well presented DISLIKED: that I di [...]
June 15th, 2005
This campaign deserves all the previous praises and more. That is what a campaign should always be. This is a great campaign, worthy to be in my shelter between City of Lies for L5R and the Mask of Nyarlathotep for CoC. This is gold. LIKED: [...]
January 29th, 2005
The art work is awesome! If you want to do a political/controversial/moral campaign, this is definitely the way to do it. QUALITY: Excellent VALUE: Very Satisfied [...]
January 16th, 2005
Excellent product. Well thought out, sets the bar for adventures in the superhero genre. LIKED: The combat booklet which comes with the product is a smart addition. Likewise the addition of genre rules. QUALITY: Excellent [...]
September 12th, 2004
Extraordinary; it came out leter than anticipated but the quality and thought that went into it was well worth the wait. LIKED: Bronze-age comic feel and very open-path scenarii; perfect for a play-at home game. DISLIKED: Not m [...]
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