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StarCluster 2

StarCluster 2

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February 2010 - StarCluster 2E is now free to download!

The classic StarCluster 2E, revised in 2004 from the first edition of 2002, is now free for download, due to the release of In Harm's Way: StarCluster, which is interoperable with this game. StarCluster 2E presents the civilian side of In Harm's Way: StarCluster's military Science Fiction gaming, and can be used on it's own or as a resource for IHWSC.

StarCluster is a SF RPG set in a remote cluster. The Earth is gone, and the people of earth have left in a great Diaspora, arriving here and settling many worlds. The players can create human, alien, hominid, robot, uplifted animal, cyborg, or android characters. Character advancement is by year, and skill sets are by job, allowing truly unique characters.

You can switch seamlessly between Random and Directed chargen

There are 2 sample starships and 4 sample vehicles

There is a fully fleshed out sample star system, The Aztec System

All schools, colleges, and professions have been changed and simplified

Starship combat system and a vehicle combat system

Fully hyperlinked TOC and Index

32 new color illustrations

Includes orbit transit calculator software

287 pages

"The writing quality and the completeness of the rules are thoroughly professional."
"Excellent science fiction game powered by a very good system engine."
4 stars (of 5)

James 'Grim' Desborough, The Downloader Monthly

"Starcluster 2 a donc évolué, en bien, depuis sa première mouture ; le système est facile d'accès, et donc à conseillé aux débutants, mais il est suffisamment réaliste pour plaire à tous"

Félix Ze Barde, Chroniques de l'Imaginaire

"Sci-fi games are usually hit or miss, and while publishing games based on established science fiction like Star Wars or Star Trek are safer, Starcluster is a complex and comprehensive universe that most sci-fi fans will want to play in."

Bill Perman,

Check out 101 Science Fiction Adventure Seeds from Postmortem Studios.
Perfect for use with the StarCluster RPG!

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December 28th, 2005
StarCluster2 (from here on "SC2")is a Sci-Fi RPG with a great concept and setting. The book though is heavily flawed in it's layout and explanation of rules. The basic concept of SC2 is that the people of Earth find out that the world will [...]
Rob M. [Regelmässiger Rezensent]
October 14th, 2005
OVERVIEW Starcluster 2nd Edition is a science fiction RPG in the vein of Traveller; it favors small scale space opera involving smugglers, merchants, scouts, & soldiers making their way in a vast and not very friendly universe. It is built on solid [...]
Chris C. [Regelmässiger Rezensent]
October 5th, 2005
StarCluster 2 is a game with a grand design and flawed implementation. The background setting and story is pretty solid, the classic sci-fi diaspora of refugees escaping from generic cataclysm 34. This is not necessarily a bad thing, and the authors put [...]
Mark C. [Regelmässiger Rezensent]
October 4th, 2005
The book opens by telling us that everyone knows about the slow boats. I don?t. I can guess and extrapolate an idea that these are generation ships based on my knowledge of common science fiction (it turns out they are). Following are 11 pages of table [...]
January 11th, 2004
Summary: Some nice colour artwork. Complex and uninspiring rules. What You Get: 8 PDF files covering character generation, races, equipment, playing the game, star travel. Pro: Nice-looking starmaps. Con: Complex character generation using multip [...]
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