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Scion: God


ENnie Silver Award for Best Art, CoverEmbrace Your Fate

Now risen to the hallowed ranks of the Gods, the Scions must fight as soldiers in the Overworld War, facing the Titans and their spawn on a battleground beyond imagining.

Can the addition of the Scions to the Gods’ ranks turn the tide of this epic conflict, or is the World doomed to fall to the chaos born of Titan ascendancy?

The final battle has yet to be fought, and the future is undecided. Trusting that the inscrutable power of Fate will bear them to victory, the Scions press on, ignoring the lesser threats and taking the battle to the Titans themselves.

This book includes:

  • Six ready–to–play God Scions, updated from Scion: Demigod
  • Rules to take Scion characters to the next level of their development, godhood
  • The adventure, “Titanomachy,” using the Storytelling Adventure System

Want to learn more about Scion? Listen to Atomic Array 016.

Collect the complete Scion saga!

Scion: Hero Scion: Demigod Scion: God Scion: Ragnarok Scion Companion

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Reviews (4)
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September 14th, 2010
A completion of the character progression! I love the ending and how the characters are fledged out as full gods. I just with there was a section about continuing the game experience by possibly siring their own scions and playing them given their now [...]
May 24th, 2008
I am still reading this one, but what Demigod for blowing my mind, this book so far has taken that to "God"-ly levels. (hehe) This system is one of the best role playing systems I have ever discovered. I just hope someone in my play group will feel up [...]
April 8th, 2008
The Previous books were well written, and white wolf put out good products. [...]
January 29th, 2008
Well, I got to say that this is one of the best books I've ever gotten. Being a fan of Scion from the beginning, I've followed it through to the bitter end and watched some of my favourite NPCs - Donnie Rhodes, Eric Donner - become Gods in their own right [...]
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