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Shuffler 2.11.01 - Modern and Sci-Fi Map Creator

Shuffler 2.11.01 - Modern and Sci-Fi Map Creator

Multiple File Formats

Version 2.11.01

Build your own 2d Map with this easy Drag & Drop software. Simply select from a wide variety of tiles and objects to be placed and modified on a 7"x 10" canvas. An intuitive graphical interface allows you to start designing Maps in just seconds after reading the Help page. By dragging & dropping each element over the canvas you can then discover the many alternate things that you can do. You will be able to rotate items or change their size. You will find alternate items or random shapes. And with special tiles you will get triangle pieces so you can make hexagonal rooms or oblique corridors. A full light environment will let you finally give more ambiance light to your Map.

Download the Guide and the Demo Version to discover the wide world of mapping.

Download Shuffler Demo

Download Shuffler Guide

What is included:

Shuffler includes a Modern and Sci-Fi tile Set, made up of six sections:


Floor tiles from concrete to rubber, metal, wood and warning lines. Laser and cable paths, wall and panel sections.

Access Points

Stairs and rails, ladders, elevators, trapdoors, doors and windows.


Complete pipelines with joints, valve and hose, computer console, office desk w/laptop, mouse, paper & pen. Chairs and tables, Scientist body, air extractor, regular & surgical beds, square metal & wooden crates, rectangular wooden crate. Text labels. Plants with random shape, all tiles from Armageddon Hours by Ganesha Games, original rugs: Caucasian and Oriental manufactured goods (kind permission of Sofas with Armchairs. A complete bathroom.

FX (Effects)

Dead scientist bodies in various poses, fluid splatters for floor and objects: human blood, alien blood, biofluid, oil. You can choose to change the color among 16 million ones with overlay filter for a more realistic result. Bullet hole on metal plate effect (more to come). Boot Prints, Water and Acid Puddle. Rats and Skeletons.

Dirt, Fog and Deep Water. Randomly generated and fully customizable.

Train System

Straight and curved railway, Stone ground for rails, Head Rails.


A complete set to build your own City Streets Map. Available tiles: Dark Ashpalt, Large Gres Pavement, Road Arrows, Road Lines (White, Red, Yellow, Blue), Road Text, Manhole Cover, Sewer Grate, Triangle, Curve-Straight-Corner Riddles, Garden Grass, Bushes, Fences, Bench, Colored Trees, Fallen Leaves, Flowers.

The possibilities are endless with Shuffler. Build a small outpost or a large star base.

How big is your imagination?

Shuffler – Technical Specifications

2-d Map Builder Software

Drag & Drop system.

Tiles and Objects free to be modified.

Canvas of 7” x 10” with pattern square grid.

Print function with selectable scale. Square grid can be printed in 1.5", 1", 20mm, 15mm, 10mm.

Map Joiner to make one seamless Map starting from four Maps.

Save and Load feature.

Save directly to bitmap (png lossless format).

pdf function (a pdf creator installed on your computer is required).

Cancel button.

Move All feature: move all your tiles around with only one click.

Help Page with tips and command list.

Clone feature.

Dynamic Hexagon Grid.

Square Grid with switch on/off option and dynamic level.

Mirror editing on Elements.


An intuitive graphical interface allows the player to start designing his first map in just seconds after reading the Help Page.

Thanks to scrolling panels each element is shown easily and identified by a set of symbols to recall the number of alternative images, the rotating capability, the possibility to modify the size, the random generated shape feature, the Fill aid or some special features called WoW! for extra element behaviour.

Print your Map in different scales, choosing from 1.5", 1", 20mm, 15mm, 10mm grid squares.

Join four Maps into one seamless Map into the same sheet. You will have a wide 14x20 grid squares.

Write down your own text labels for a more personalized room or object: a dynamic text system, available in 16 million colours, can be placed, rotated and resized easily.

Save you work in progress for some relax and then Restore it in a second time with the Load feature.

Pdfs can be created by third parties to save works (Pdf creators, not included).

You can design your own Hexagon Grid modifying size, color, thickness, transparency, offset of lines, adding central dots and flexible numbering.

You can switch on/off a square grid so to have a free or with a grid map. You can choose if the grid must be over the objects or under them for a better looking.

Other special functions are ready to be implemented in future releases, expanding even more the capabilities of Shuffler.

This Flash application runs under every browser with at least Adobe Flash Player 10 installed (Widows, MAC, Linux). Anyway also a stand alone (Portable) Exe file is available and included (requires Windows OS installed or Wine under Linux).


A special License allows customers to share their pdfs obtained by Shuffler. Pdfs can be shared only in a private way and must not be uploaded to internet servers.

Maps are intended for personal use only. Commercial License under explicit agreement.



These products work with Shuffler

Shuffler  user image  City Map  sb  v


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September 13th, 2013
The artwork and basic idea behind this is excellent. I made some really good maps with it and the print-quality is very good: at 300dpi it's not exactly photo quality, but is very good all the same. For small/basic maps the editor works well, but there [...]
August 18th, 2012
Shuffler is really good stuff. If you need to crank out maps for a game, this is the product for you. It is set to print to 8.5x11 paper with 1 inch squares, so there is no guessing if the image will print on your printer. The elements can be sized [...]
July 15th, 2012
This Flash-based program is an easy-to-learn application that permits the creation of a wide variety of maps for RPG and wargame use. The basic tile artwork is executed very well, but the maps truly come alive when adding some of the many available effect [...]
February 3rd, 2012
I am quite impressed with the ease of use. objects can be manipulated simply with the on screen prompts and the printed results are excellent for the games i am currently involved with. (all things zombie, star wars) I would gladly recomend this product [...]
September 24th, 2011
A great piece of software that can run in different platforms, this allows you to build tiles for indoors and outdoors modern/sci-fi games. The interface takes some time getting used to, especially the keyboard commands for the different operations availa [...]
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