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Twilight: 2000 v1.0 [BUNDLE]

Twilight: 2000 v1.0 [BUNDLE]

Watermarked PDF

 T2000 v1 Twilight: 2000
 Regular price: $13.40
 Bundle price: $4.00

Twilight: 2000 is a complete role-playing system for survival in a devastated post-holcaust world. Rules cover character generation, living off the land, encounters, combat, skills and skill improvement, medicine, vehicles, ammunition, trade and much more.

The combat rules are a major breakthrough. One general combat resolution procedure covers all types of combat: hand-to-hand, melee weapons, small arms fire and fire against armored vehicles. Once the basic three-step combat sequence is understood (Did you hit? Where did you hit? How hard did you hit?), combat is quick and easy to resolve, but the wide range of weapons values keeps the system rich in detail.

The background to the war is covered in detail, and extensive material on the state of the world is includ...

 T2000 v1 Airlords of the Ozarks
 Regular price: $6.70
 Bundle price: $1.00

The slides the intelligence guy was showing us had turned our guts cold. The pictures showed the main street of a small town, storefronts, a post office, the spire of a church...What caught my attention was the long, lean cigar shape hovering behind the church spire. Stories I'd read as a kid surfaced in the back of my mind, stories by Heinlein and Asimov...and H.G. Wells. The shape was blurry enough that for one icy second I thought it might be...

The next picture was a clearer view. It wasn't an extraterrestrial many ways it was something worse.

Airlords of the Ozarks is a game module for use with GDW's World War III role-playing game, Twilight: 2000. The story follows the adventures of the player characters in the rugged h...

 T2000 v1 Allegheny Uprising
 Regular price: $6.70
 Bundle price: $1.00

It was enough to make a man's mouth water. Computers, electronic typewriters, jeeps, soybeans, canned food, medical supplies, arctic parkas, and (I swear) videotapes of every NFL game since 1992! No wonder those Civgov johnnies were falling all over themselves to find the place!

All of us had heard a million rumors about lost government caches squirreled away in out-of-the-way places years ago as security against a nuclear attack. Most of those stories were just air, of course. I remember ther was this one about gold...

Allegheny Uprising is an adventure for Twilight: 2000, GDW's post-World War III role-playing game. In Allegheny Uprising the characters must travel into the Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania, in search of a prewar government sup...

 T2000 v1 Armies of the Night
 Regular price: $6.70
 Bundle price: $1.00

It didn't sound too bad, at first. Milgov wanted to re-establish what the orders called a "presence" on Manhatten. "Deal with criminal elements" they said, "Register salvage operations...taxes in kind...organize a census..."-that all sounded peaceful enough. We were just supposed to go in, scout out the land, find a base of operations, and generally get things ready for Uncle Sugar to come back to the Big Apple big time. Piece of cake...right?

Then I got to the bottom of the orders, and saw there were one or two little things the brass wanted us to find while we were in the neighborhood: a few tons of gold bars, and some trace of the last eight expeditions...

Armies of the Night is a game module for use with Twilight: 2000, GDW...

 T2000 v1 Bear's Den
 Regular price: $6.70
 Bundle price: $1.00

I'd always thought that when I finally got into the Soviet Union, it would be on a recon for some massive NATO force. Well, there aren't any of those now, and here I am.

I thought it would look different, smell bad or something, but I didn't even know we were there until sarge said, "Welcome to the bear's den, lads. This is the Ukraine. Look alive!" He laughed and spat out the piece of burlap he had been chewing on. Nobody else was crazy enough to try making their way through the blizzard.

In Bear's Den, expatriate Soviet General Anton Chelkov battles to control Lvov and the surrounding area. The 27th NATO Division is approaching through the Carpathian Mountains to the south, and partisans attack from every direction. Chelkov desperately ...

 T2000 v1 Boomer
 Regular price: $6.70
 Bundle price: $0.00

"Pittsburg!" The sarge's shout woke me. "How can a sub be stuck in the ice near Pittsburg?"

MacDonald had that "Lord, what an idiot" look she gets sometimes when she is talking to us. "Not Pittsburg," she said, "Spitsbergen. S-P-I-T-S-B-E-R-G-E-N. It's an island about 500 klicks north of Norway."

I thought back to Mrs. Parker's geography class. I didn't think there was anything north of Norway.

In Boomer, the crew of Corpus Christi discovers a chilling fact: A Soviet Typhoon-class nuclear missile submarine is alive and well. Worse, it still has three of its missiles and their warheads.

Information presented in this module includes:

Source material and maps for Norway and the Svalbard ...

 T2000 v1 City of Angels (GDW)
 Regular price: $6.70
 Bundle price: $1.00

Ever since the world as we knew it ended, people have been saying chivalry is dead-they've been saying it for a long time anyway, but this time they're sure. No one does anything for any motive except survival. Dog-eat-dog, survival of the fittest, might makes right...I've heard all the cliches and more. And I refuse to conform to them. Lieutenant Jimenez wanted me to take his St. Christopher's medal to his folks in L.A. No reward, no treasure at the end of the road. Just a favor to a friend, that's all. I promised to do it, and I will.

City of Angels is a module for use with GDW's World War III role-playing game, Twilight: 2000. The adventure takes place near the blasted ruins of the Los Angeles area of Southern California. The story revolves...

 T2000 v1 Gateway to the Spanish Main
 Regular price: $6.70
 Bundle price: $1.00

This morning I pulled myself up and staggered up the strange ladder onto the deck. It was broad daylight and I wasn't dreaming. I sat down against the bulkhead in gape-jawed astonishment. The deck was rough planks. Above my head fluttered a hundred acres of canvas.

The ship had three masts and square sails, and no smoke stack. I pulled myself to the gunwale and clung to the rigging. I was standing between two antique naval cannons on four-wheeled wooden carriages.

I lurched across the deck where this tall blonde woman in tight blue jeans was manning the ship's wheel. I had to ask, "What ship is this?" She just grunted and tossed a thumb in the direction of the ship's bell. I read "USS Constitution 1987. "I squinted at her in the bright tropi...

 T2000 v1 Going Home
 Regular price: $6.70
 Bundle price: $1.00

It came as quite a surprise when we finally confirmed it. What remained of the big brass in Europe decided that it was time for everybody to get out of the pool, so they arranged for a few ships to take us back to America. Problem was, nobody believed that the ships would have enough room for everybody. We decided this was the last ride going our way, and it was time to go home. The ships were leaving on November 15, and there were no reserved seats...what with thirty or forty thousand people looking for seats, it could be quite a game of musical chairs.

Going Home is an adventure for use with GDW's post World War III role-playing game Twilight: 2000. In Going Home, the players are presented with the challenge of getting across most of Poland and north-cen...

 T2000 v1 Heavy Weapons Guide
 Regular price: $6.70
 Bundle price: $2.00

Over 110 Heavy Weapons for Twilight: 2000

The Heavy Weapons Guide is a resource and guidebook to more than 110 mortars, grenade launchers, recoilless rifles, mines, hand grenades, rifle grenades, SAMs, and other support weapons. The latest in antitank missles are described and illustrated, including BILL, ACCP, Eryx, and Tank Breaker. Mortars range from the American M224 60mm up to the Soviet M-55 240mm. Grenade launchers include the older American M79 "Thumper" and the latest Soviet underbarrel AK-GL. In addition, the game includes eight pieces of recoiless artillery, 26 rockets and rocket launchers, 20 mines, and more than 30 grenades covering all types currently in service and a few that haven't been adopted yet.

As a special bonus, the Heavy Weapo...

 T2000 v1 Howling Wilderness
 Regular price: $6.70
 Bundle price: $1.00

What happened to the United States from 1997 to 2001 is a question of interest to almost every referee and player of Twilight: 2000. Even those whose campaigns are not set in the United States want to know what happened to their home town, or how far the Soviets managed to get in Alaska, or what areas are controlled by New America.

Howling Wilderness is a sourcebook of the United States of America for use with Twilight: 2000, GDW's WWlll role-playing game. It describes the events in America during the years leading up to the war. It describes the preparations for nuclear attack taken by the government, and why many of those preparations failed. It describes the attack upon the United States in November of 1997, and the aftermath of that attack. In addition...

 T2000 v1 Kidnapped
 Regular price: $6.70
 Bundle price: $1.00

Finding this Hughes guy is certainly going to be a trick. For all we know he looks nothing like this picture we've got, and every indication is that he has barricaded himself into a personal fortress which makes Crystal Mountain look easy. Not only that, Caldwell has us under specific orders not to grease the guy, just to capture him. Caldwell mentioned something about slow torture for all of us if we off the dude.

But even all that doesn't scare me half as much as this drought. There hasn't been any rain around here for months, and, if it doesn't change, there ain't gonna be any country left to fight over.

Kidnapped is an adventure module for Twilight: 2000, GDW's post-World War III role-playing game. In Kidnapped, the characters...

 T2000 v1 King's Ransom
 Regular price: $6.70
 Bundle price: $1.00

The Iranian Crown Jewels. For years they rested in the vaults of the Markasu Bank in Tehran, where they backed Iran's legal tender, but when the National Emergency Council governing Iran in mid-1996 abandoned Tehran and retreated to Esfahan, they toll the Crown Jewels with them.

In the first half of 1997, the NEC elected to move again, this time from Esfahan to Shiraz. The Iranian Crown Jewels were left behind just long enough for preparations to be made to secure them in Shriaz. Other considerations, such as the fact that even Shiraz became cut off byu further Soviet advances, soon occupied the Council's collective mind.

But as Esfahan looked in imminent danger of falling to the Soviets, a desperate mission to move the Crown Jewels was launch. The mission never retu...

 T2000 v1 Last Battle
 Regular price: $6.70
 Bundle price: $2.00


Last Battle is two distinct games:

* A system for resolving combat in the role-playing game Twilight: 2000.

* A stand-alone boardgame.

As a Twilight: 2000 boardgame, Last Battle speeds up vehicle and troop combat resolution while preserving the detail and flavor which has made the role-playing game so popular. As a complete. stand-alone boardgame, Last Battle is the ultimate simulation of immediate post-holocaust warfare.


 T2000 v1 Mediterranean Cruise
 Regular price: $6.70
 Bundle price: $1.00

After we got the good ‘ol C-cubed back home, they told us to just sit tight… Some big brass hat from the JCS wanted to talk to us.

So we sat around awhile, and then in comes something I hadn't seen in over two years – an honest-to-gosh three-star. I thought they were all dead. It occurred to me then that something really bug was up, and all of a sudden, I wasn't too sure I wanted in on it.

Mediterranean Cruise is a game module for use with GDW"s World War III role-playing game Twilight: 2000. The story centers arou...

 T2000 v1 NATO Vehicle Guide
 Regular price: $6.70
 Bundle price: $2.00

NATO Vehicle Guide fills a need for Twilight: 2000 referees who want to incorporate vehicles from West Germany, the UK, Canada, and other NATO countries into their campaigns. More than 30 vehicles are detailed and described in the game terms, including the West German Luchs, Fuchs, and Leopard series of tanks, the British Chieftain and Challenger tanks, the Scimitar/Scorpion family of vehicles and dozens more. Thirty important vehicles are illustrated in eight pages of full-color paintings, in addition to the many vehicles that are depicted in black-and-white line drawings throughout the text.

NATO Vehicle Guide also contains organizational data for the armies of Denmark, Norway, The Netherlands, the UK, West Germany, and Turkey, as well as orders of ba...

 T2000 v1 Pirates of the Vistula
 Regular price: $6.70
 Bundle price: $1.00

"Easy money, he says. Nothing to worry about, he says. A simple little trip down the river, straight to Warsaw, and collect our reward, he says."

"Then why are all these people shootin' at us?"

Pirates of the Vistula is an adventure module for Twilight: 2000. The mighty Vistula River sets the stage for a journey from Krakow to the remains of Warsaw aboard the river tug Wisla Krolowa. But the Vistula has seen better days. The river has been left untended for years as the war raged around it, and now is overcome with debris and sandbars.

All of the important forces along the river, such as the bandit and marauder units and, of course, the vicious river pirates, who virtually rule the river itself, are described in terms of or...

 T2000 v1 RDF Sourcebook
 Regular price: $6.70
 Bundle price: $1.00

When we got to Bremerhaven, we found that instead of going to America, we could ship out to the Persian Gulf and join the U.S. Central Command (the RDF, some still call it).

I should have known better... especially when he started talking about needing "experienced combat veterans, like you men."

RDF Sourcebook is different from other Twilight: 2000 publications. It is not an adventure in itself, but instead, sets the stage for a series of adventure modules.

The RDF Sourcebook contains: A map of southern Iran. Character generation tables for Americans (USMC, USN, and USAF), British, Iranians, Iraqis, and others. An Order of Battle for the remaining forces in the area: U.S., Soviet, Iranian, Iraqi, Saudi, and the British, among others. Detai...

 T2000 v1 Red Star/Lone Star
 Regular price: $6.70
 Bundle price: $1.00

One of the first things you learn when you join the army is not to believe 95% of everything you hear: New York is one big slab of glass...Oregon has seceded from the Union...giant mutant alligators have taken over the Everglades...the Martians have landed in New Jersey. So when we heard that the Russians had invaded Texas, we didn't give it much credence. There were Soviet troops in Alaska, can walk form Siberia to Alaskain the winter...but Texas? How did they get disguising themselves as tourists, or what?

Red Star/Lone Star is a game module for use with GDW's World War III role-playing game, Twilight: 2000. The adventure deals with a group of American soldiers along the Texas gulf coast late in the year 2000, dealing with different fa...

 T2000 v1 Return to Warsaw
 Regular price: $6.70
 Bundle price: $1.00

Return to Warsaw is the first in the Return to Europe series of Twilight 2000 adventures modules. The adventures will take the characters back to the Polish city of Warsaw, east to the city of Lvov in the Ukirane then back to Poland again, this time to Silesia. Although these three Modules are linked, and designed in sequence, each is an independent adventure in and of itself and can be played separately.

This book contains:

Revised street maps of the relevant portion of downtown Warsaw. Updated histories of the Warsaw communities and the baron. Orders of battle for the various combatants, including the remnants of the Soviet 10th Guards Tank Division. Information for adapting the larger battles for resolution using Last Battle GDW's boar...

 T2000 v1 Satellite Down
 Regular price: $6.70
 Bundle price: $1.00

Remember that slogan they used to use to entice young sprouts like us into the service, before the recent unpleasentness reinstituted the draft? "Join the army and see the world," wasn't it? At least this time we get to go someplace warm, looking for a fallen star.

Seems this Soviet weather satellite decided it was time to come down and picked one of the most remote, out-of-the-way locales to land in that I've ever seen (and I've seen some weird ones lately). The question of where we were going wasn't foremost on our minds, though. Why was what er eanted to know. What was so flamin' important about some commie satellite?

Here's the answer we got, verbatim: "Because that little elesctronic box recorded every action of war--every nucl...

 T2000 v1 Small Arms Guide
 Regular price: $6.70
 Bundle price: $2.00

The Small Arms Guide is a sourcebook for Twilight: 2000 which contains a consolidated listing of every personal firearm in the basic game, as well as additional material of interest to both players and referees.

In response to player requests, the single entry for the generic pistols (such as the 9mmP Auto) of the basic rules has now been expanded to include every major handgun type in use by the year 2000 and encompasses the full sweep of technological change, ranging from the German Luger and "Broomhandle" Mauser pistols of the early 1900s to the advanced materials and technology of the Austrian Glock 17. Also described are weapons not yet in service or just entering service (such as the Ruger P85), and hypothetical extensions of current firearms technolo...

 T2000 v1 Soviet Vehicle Guide
 Regular price: $6.70
 Bundle price: $1.00

This is the perfect companion piece to the U.S. Army Vehicle Guide, detailing and illustrating a plethora of Soviet and Warsaw Pact equipment. The Soviet Vehicle Guide contains:

Details of the T-80 and T-90 main battle tanks, the BMP series of armored personnel carriers, the BT-76 Soviet light tank, the SO-120, an automatic 120mm turret-mounted mortar, the OT-65 light scout car, the SAU-203 self-propelled gun, the SA-13 ADA rocket launcher vehicle, and several hovercraft in the KVP series (including both transport and combat variants).

Additional information on the latest Soviet weapons and armor enhancements, such as the AT-8 and reactive armor (just now coming into service in western Europe). Many of these vehicles are illustrated in full color on eight pages...

 T2000 v1 Survivors' Guide to the United Kingdom
 Regular price: $6.70
 Bundle price: $1.00

Nuclear hit list for the United Kingdom. World-wide British order of battle. The UK's marauder bands and free cities.

"There'll Always Be An England...

From Land's End to Dover, from the Channel islands to the Shetlands, the Survivors' Guide to the United Kingdom describes what happened to the United Kingdom during the war and afterward. It explains just what the word "England" means in 2000, discusses the fate of the North Sea oil platforms, and gives you the lowdown on organizations ranging from H.M. Government to the Soviet GRU.

The Survivors' Guide contains a detailed order of battle for the British army, updating previous versions and implementing several major changes, bringing the OB up to 1 January 2001. It presents British-...

 T2000 v1 The Black Madonna
 Regular price: $6.70
 Bundle price: $1.00

"Down into that hole? You gotta be kidding! We all heard what that turnip-farmer said about this place being haunted. I don't believe in ghosts, but I wouldn't go down in that hole for all the gold in Poland!"

The icon know as Our Lady of Czestochowa (commonly called the Black Madonna because of the dark patina which covers it) is the symbol of Poland's religeous, cultural, and national identity. For centuries the icon's image has been a rallying standard of Polish nationalism, of Polish independence.

To some men, the Madonna was a light that would lead Poland from the darkness. To others, however, the Madonna represented a different kind of hope. The owner of the Madonna could command the loyalty of the Polish people. To these men, the Madonna repr...

 T2000 v1 The Free City of Krakow
 Regular price: $6.70
 Bundle price: $1.00

To the survivors of the US 5th Division, Krakow sounded like a city out of a fairy tale… a castle, an evil king, even a flying carpet. Krakow seemed an island of peace in a war-torn world.

The reality was different…

The Free City of Krakow is an adventure module for Twilight: 2000. Krakow has been spared the worst of the war's devastation, and has declared itself a free city. The war is banished, and individuals are free to come and go … so long as they leave the war behind.

This module is more than just a single adventure, however; it is a richly detailed setting for dozens of adventures. It contains a detailed description of the city of Krakow and its environs in the year 2000.

Background material includes street maps w...

 T2000 v1 The Last Submarine
 Regular price: $6.70
 Bundle price: $1.00

I don't know why I stayed with the team. They offered to let any of us out who wanted out – just say so and you're a civilian. But then the chief gave us a pitch about how we came through the war without a loss because we worked as a team, and how we might be able to hep the authorities rebuild our country by staying together. We were all a little euphoric over being back in the states after so many years on the sharp end. Frankly, if I'd known what was coming up, I think I'd have stayed overseas.

The Last Submarine is a game module for use with GDW"s World War III role-playing game, Twilight: 2000. The story centers arou...

 T2000 v1 The Ruins of Warsaw
 Regular price: $6.70
 Bundle price: $1.00

Warsaw had been nuked, and nuked hard. Nearly everyone there had been killed. But still, the ruins had things to offer - raw materials such as metal and stone, and protection from the marauders who surrounded it.

These things drew the settlers, but also drew the Baron Czarny, and his evil army of cutthroats.

Ruins of Warsaw is an adventure module for Twilight: 2000. Warsaw was levelled by six NATO nuclear devices in 1997. The city itself was in ruins, smashed into dust and debris. And the people were dead. Those who survived the blast were killed in the firestorm or by the disease and starvation which followed. Practically no one is alive who remembers the event.

But time has passed.

As the rads died away, the settlers moved in. the city, even in it...

 T2000 v1 Twilight Encounters
 Regular price: $6.70
 Bundle price: $2.00


Twilight Encounters

This product is a thorough revision and expansion of the encounter system for Twilight: 2000.

Beyond that, it also includes the second edition combat system for the game. This system is the result of considerable thought, research, and customer feedback, and so was not undertaken lightly.

The section on combat rules contains extensive commentary designed to explain our thinking behind the changes and make them easier to understand. We hope you will feel, as we do, that the inconvenience of change is more than offset by a system which is both more realistic and easier to use than the first edition combat system.


 T2000 v1 Urban Guerilla
 Regular price: $6.70
 Bundle price: $1.00

It's like this: there's this bunch down in St. Pete called the New Americans. They're into that "natural aristocrat" stuff about the superior man ruling the rest, and they decide who's superior

Urban Guerilla is a module for use with Twilight: 2000, GDW's post-World War III role-playing game. The module takes players into central Florida, now controlled by New America. Members of the Natural Aristocrats of the St. Petersburg cell control the area around Tampa Bay and plan to use it as a springboard for conquest.

The players must join the desperate war as freedom fighters who pit their lives against a powerful state being built.


 T2000 v1 US Army Vehicle Guide
 Regular price: $6.70
 Bundle price: $2.00

What does the remote turret on an M1A2 look like? When the Sergeant York air defense gun was withdrawn from production, what happened to the vehicles already built and what replaced it? What were the organization and equipment levels of an armored division? A light infantry division? What was the basis of issue of the LAV-75?

The U.S. Army Vehicle Guide is designed to answer these and many other questions raised by Twilight: 2000 players. It also serves as a comprehensive future projection of current armored vehicle design trends. For both game players and AFV buffs, the Vehicle Guide is a gold mine of information. It includes:

Eight pages of color plates; thirty-six full color vehicles in all. Complete game statistics for all combat vehicles in U.S. servic...

 T2000 v1 White Eagle
 Regular price: $6.70
 Bundle price: $1.00

In White Eagle, powerful forces are struggling to control a nation. The armed might of King Julian of Silesia is matched against the equally powerful economic force of the free city of Krakow. Opposing them both is the Wojsko Ludowa (People's Army) of Father W. Niekarz, whose only weapons are a deep patriotism and the Black Madonna of Czestochowa, a religious icon and a powerful symbol of Polish nationalism. Surrounded by a sea of bandits, marauders, homeless soldiers from a halfdozen nations, and an increasingly hostile environment, these three groups are engaged in a struggle that will determine the future of Poland-that will decide whetherthe country will begin a long, slow recovery, or rapidly sink into a mire of chaos. The characters hold the key to victory in that struggle. White ...

Total value:$211.74
Special bundle price:$40.00
Savings of:$171.74 (81%)
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February 29th, 2012
Love the game and have most hard copies. The pdf is awesome the copy works on my windows phone and kindle fire! I read this stuff daily being a T2k junkie! [...]
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