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Troll in the Corner's Magical Emporium: Mirkmoot's Magical Accouterments for Creatures Small and Great [PFRPG]

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We here at Troll in the Corner's Magical Emporium were recently approached by our Goblin counterpart, Mirkmoot, with a cross promotional offer we found ourselves unable to refuse.  Magical items for small beings such as Gnomes, Halflings, Goblins and many others!

Initially skeptical about this cross promotion, we decided to move forward with it because the items are uniquely designed for players of smaller stature and we owe Mirkmoot a good deal of money.

Mirkmoot is the Goblin people's premier Wizard extraordinaire!  He is quite possibly the only Goblin in living memory to attain the rank of Wizard, 3rd class or master the art of multiplication.

He brought us a whole wheelbarrow full of items and we've had to use every available wizard to work out exactly what they are and how they work.  And why some of them are pink. His grasp of the common language can be a bit wanting and he insisted on naming his items himself, hence the unorthodox, wonderfully quaint naming scheme.  It's ah, enbeautiful!

These items, they are certainly . . . unique!  Never before have we come across a group of magical items so striking.  Mirkmoot's sense of style and his near mastering of the art of creating magical items is unmatched by anyone we've ever met before. He has a certain ability to bring out qualities in magical items that are both unexpected and unique! 

This expansion contains the following Items for use with creatures of Small size:

Mirkmoot's Belt of Enbiginating (Magical Item)

Mirkmoot's helm of Engoblinating (Magical Armor)

Mirkmoot's helm of Unenngoblinating (Magical Armor)

Mirkmoot's Dagger of Enstabbing (Magical Weapon)

Mirkmoot's Fob of Unenincarcerating (Magical Item)

Mirkmoot's Glorious Helm of Engloryating (Magical Armor)

Mirkmoot's Short Bow of Redeadifying (Magical Weapon)

Mirkmoot's Bardy Lute of Unbardsuckifying (Magical . . . er. . . Instrument?)

Mirkmoot's Tube of Fabulous Enseeing (Wondrous Item)

Mirkmoot's Ring of Encursing (Magical Ring)

Mirkmoot's Helm of Enseeing Really Far (Wondrous Armor)

Mirkmoot's Tablet of Easy Writingness (Wondrous Item)

Pathfinder Compatible

This document was completely reformatted on August 1st by Eric Vernon. 

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Erathoniel W. [Regelmässiger Rezensent]
June 22nd, 2010
There's one thing that I love about Troll in the Corner: They're unique. They write quirky, interesting stuff, with actual serious gameplay. Standard d20 equipment, above average writing. Sometime I have to finish reading Shadowrun: Germany, so [...]
June 18th, 2010
Very well written and funny too! Have not had a chance to use any items in my game yet but enjoyed reading the descriptions which gave me some good ideas for my game. I especially look forward to giving the halfling bard in the group the lute I won't [...]
June 16th, 2010
As with Troll ITC products, my opinion might be considered biased because I got my copy free, but I will try to remain objective and honest. Ben let out a whole lot of crazy for this one. It was actually nice to see him take a break from the seriousne [...]
June 16th, 2010
This is the most fun I've had reading a magic item PDF in a long time. It's written in a humorous style which carries through the entire document and emphasises how these items could be inserted into your campaign to have a bit of fun with your players. [...]
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