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#30 Series (PFRPG) [BUNDLE]

#30 Series (PFRPG) [BUNDLE]

Watermarked PDF

 #30 Alchemical Gadgets (PFRPG)
 Regular price: $2.95
 Bundle price: $0.99

Where magic and science collide!

Within #30 Alchemical Gadgets are mysterious fluids and uncanny gizmos than a tinkering fanatic can shake a telescoping grasping hand at!

Wearable lenses to deduce the nature of a violent event? You can find those down past the Firefly boxes but if you are the Glasswood Portholes then you have gone way too far.

If you are in a hurry to exfiltrate a elevated plane then you are likely to want the Snapwing Cloak—mind you that the plane is not too high, else you void the dependability of a  of a positive result. They are easy to find, just listen for the hum of the Sonic Lockpicks and look slightly to the left of the noise.

If you have a devilish mind, an ...

 #30 Battle Standards (PFRPG)
 Regular price: $2.95
 Bundle price: $0.99
Will You Bear The Standard?

A flag is more than just a piece of cloth. It is a symbol; it can be one of hope or despair, freedom or tyranny. How will you bear that standard? Stories of lancers with streaming pennons or fallen banners picked up by lone squires fill a bard’s songbook. Be it a banner’s carried on a standard, a guidon on a spear marking a mercenary company, a garrison flag flying over you or your foe’s ramparts, a pennon gracing the head of your lance, or a sashimono attached to the back of your samurai’s armor these are the trappings of glory and inspiration. Do your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game heroes have the courage to pick up the fallen flag, kiss it, and keep on going?

This prouduct also provides a shop for vexillums, bri...

 #30 Cloaks of Deception (PFRPG)
 Regular price: $2.95
 Bundle price: $0.99

So much more than just another stylish garment!

Why stick to the same old cloaks and capes of yesterday, when you can pick up the latest in adventuring fashion? #30 Cloaks of Deception provides a wide array of options, from the awe inspiring cloak of authority to the mysterious cloak of dusk and dust to the fearsome cloak of the beast. These cloaks permit characters to fake their death, like the cloak of false ending, or turn light into darkness, like the cloak of the void. Special rules showcase the Legacy cloak, Trickery's Co...

 #30 Cursed Treasures (PFRPG)
 Regular price: $3.96
 Bundle price: $0.99

"I don't fear dying, I fear being cursed."


How many times have player characters selfishly plundered the ancient tombs of long lost civilizations with impunity? How many evil cults of dark gods have they smashed and looted? We all know that player character’s love their treasure, but what happens when there are consequences for taking that golden torque off the ancient dead? What happens when a deity swears vengeance when the PCs eradicate his cultists? Or perhaps that dragon who sat upon that treasure for a thousand years imparted it with part of his foul essence. #30 Curses for Treasures provides an answer to those questions

This product offers you 30...

 #30 Firearms of Legacy (PFRPG)
 Regular price: $4.99
 Bundle price: $0.99
Don’t your heroes deserve firearms that can advance with them?


The valiant are known by the weapons they wield—Excalibur, Mjolnir, Faule Grete, Tick Licker, The Mexican, Dead Man's Gun—all weapons that carry meaning and power into the hearts of foes simply by uttering their names. What weapon will your hero carry into legend?


With #30 Weapons of Legacy, you’ll have plenty to choose from, whether you’re an pistol wileding gunslinger, a pyromaniac alchemist, or a monk who practices gun-fu. Use the armor shattering Aegisbane, the assassian's friend and piston known as Deadeyes’ Whisper, or the necromantic blunderbuss Grinder that uses the bones of its fallen foes as ammu...

 #30 Fleshgrafts (PFRPG)
 Regular price: $3.96
 Bundle price: $0.99
Come and graft both power and horror to your body!

Replace your organs and other parts with those crafted by the fleshgrafters. Take your skin and arms replace them a trolls, Exchange your eyes for that of an anti-paladin so you can sense good, or exchange your mouth for a leech maw!

Brought you by the critically acclaimed author of #30 Intelligent Magic Items and #30 Haunts for Ships and Shore, T.H. Gulliver brings you a host of disturbing new options and horrific rewards.

Make the appointment for your procedure today!



 #30 Haunts for Houses (PFRPG)
 Regular price: $2.96
 Bundle price: $0.99

The darkness isn’t so empty anymore… 

What lurks in abandoned houses and forlorn ruins? It’s no random encounter. The monsters refuse to lair there, because there are haunts! 

Exploring the realms of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, here are 30 Haunts to harass, frighten and antagonize adventurers. Choose from a selection ranging from the Lonely House to the Mumbling Malediction; these unquiet spirits provide interesting encounters of CR 1 to 15. There are bleeding walls, wells that lure the unsuspecting, doors that lock themselves and fires that start without a single spark. These ghostly locales and the special conditions necessary to resolve them bring the terror to your game like nothing else. 

There’s no need t...

 #30 Haunts for Kaidan (PFRPG)
 Regular price: $3.96
 Bundle price: $0.99
"The Haunts of Japanese Horror"

Kaidan whose very name means ‘ghost story’ in Japanese, is a mist enshrouded realm of exotic races, oni demons, and yurei ghosts, ruled by an undying imperial court, enforced by ruthless samurai, and with all social castes bound to an endless cycle of twisted reincarnation. The empire of Kaidan is, by definition, haunted. Included in this tome are 30 haunts and several unique and horrifying undead variants, all inspired by classic Japanese ghost stories.

This volume is organized in nine creepy storylines to help you envision the horrors that await your adventuring party in the dark real...

 #30 Haunts for Objects (PFRPG)
 Regular price: $2.96
 Bundle price: $0.99

"It's cursed? No, worse. It's haunted."


Dolls and Mirrors that haunt you nightmares, folk tales of deathtraps that hunger for new prey and possessive pane's of glass. All of this you will find within the pages of #30 Haunts for Objects. 

Brought toyou by T. H. Gulliver the same designer that brought you the best selling #30 Haunts for Ships and Shores. This product brings something to the game it has never had before, Haunts that are no long trapped in one location. These haunts can be moved. 



 #30 Haunts for Ships and Shores (PFRPG)
 Regular price: $2.96
 Bundle price: $0.99
"These dead men tell a tale..."


Ghost ships and abandoned coastal villages fill a bard’s songbook, bringing tales of reaving pirates, brutal slavers, plagues and pure mystery. The flotsam and jetsam of those lost and broken lives leaves its psychic imprint on the surrounding world, creating the terrible haunts found on empty ships and deserted piers.


Do your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game heroes have the stomach to delve into these forlorn locales? Can they unravel the key to ending the Star-Cursed Sky and return safely to port? Will they learn what must ...

 #30 Intelligent Magic Items (PFRPG)
 Regular price: $2.95
 Bundle price: $0.99
What do they have in common? 

They could all be your next intelligent magic item. With #30 Intelligent Magic Items by T.H. Gulliver (#30 Haunts for Ships and Shores) you'll find more than just another specially-purposed sword, ready to possess your warrior for retail therapy with scabbard accessories. You'll find planar explorers, hopping across the Beyond in the hands of adventurers. You'll find dedicated preservers, sworn to perpetuate royal houses. You'll find social liberators, bent on destroying immoral cruelty wherever the can find it. You'll find bloodthirsty conquerors, ruthlessly intent on carving out empires. 

You'll find adventure. 

#30 Intelligent Magic Items offers a wide array of objects with rich backgrounds, per...

 #30 Ioun Stones (PFRPG)
 Regular price: $2.95
 Bundle price: $0.99
Jewels from the hearts of obliterated stars!

With #30 Ioun Stones you'll find new options to swirl about the head of a character in a winding gyre, setting your character apparet with a blazen display of magic. Best of all they don't even take up slot so you never have to worry about which ioun stone you want to take.  Pick up magic items whose rich history predates the world's most popular roleplaying game having found its inspiration in the stoires of Jack Vance. 

Pick up stones whose orbit causes whirlwinds, or ones which travel like messenger birds, or even those that seek out the enemies of thier master. Also discover the ioun stone of legacy known as The Master Finch

Discover #30 Ioun Stones!


 #30 Manuals of Improvement (PFRPG)
 Regular price: $2.95
 Bundle price: $0.99
"It’s a bit more than a self-help book!"

More than knowledge lies within these pages, waiting within lies talent.

Within you will find grimoires such a “Break Anything!” that can imbue a gift for sabotage; “Drawing from the Divine” a book that enhances one’s ability to channel energy; and “Fistful of Power” teaches you the arts of unarmed combat.

Get more than just information, go beyond your limitations with #30 Manuals of Improvement


 #30 More Manuals of Improvement (PFRPG)
 Regular price: $2.95
 Bundle price: $0.99
"It’s a lot more than a self-help book!"

More than knowledge lies within these pages, waiting within lies talent.

Within you will find grimoires such a “Abstruse Arcane Augmentation!” that can imbue a gift for metamagic; “Cultivating Your Talentsa book that enhances one’s rogue class features; and “Hair Pulling, Sand Throwing, and Other Dirty Tricks teaches you underhanded combat maneuvers.

Get more than just information, go beyond your limitations with #30 More Manuals of Improvement


 #30 Not so Mundane Items (PFRPG)
 Regular price: $2.95
 Bundle price: $0.99
Somethings are not always what they seem it a knickknack, or something not so mundane?

 Why's that candle so special? How come that piece of chalk is kept separate from the others? There's something uncanny about that lantern, and what is it about that odd whistle? 

There are always the iconic magic items, be they swords, armors, cloaks, rings, or other traditional things. But these are those other items, those simpler things, that just a potent, yet lesser thought about. Crafters of powerful items are individuals, first and foremost, and we all have our quirks and curiosities. 

#30 Not So Mundane Items allows for memorable moments, unique items, that fill not only a need as treasure, but also one of the shared experience or story. In...

 #30 Portable Rooms (PFRPG)
 Regular price: $3.95
 Bundle price: $0.99

"It's a nice use of space."

Dimensional transcendence, some architecture no matter how small it is on the outside, the inside can still dwarf gothic cathedrals.

Within you will find places such as the Belt of Winding Paths a star-studded belt that can lead you to an astronomical observatory; the Book of Books, a book that opens up to a comfortable library; and the Whisper's Bag, that can take you to a sandy arena.

Pull more than just a rabbit out of your hat with #30 Portable Rooms!  


 #30 Rings of Defense (PFRPG)
 Regular price: $2.95
 Bundle price: $0.99

Who needs one ring to rule them all when you've got 30 to chose from? 

Why limit yourself to the 30 rings in your core rules, when you can double your options and pick from rings like the ring of retaliation, or the ring of safeguards. 

With #30 Rings of Defense, your characters can find the offense in their defense, the sacred and the deflection bonuses, the immediate response and the constant benefit. And with the supplemental mechanics we’ve developed, the ring your warrior found at third level will still be useful when you’re picking out prestige classes! 

Don't just settle for a simple ring of protection anymore, get a ring of aegis. Pick up #30 Rings of Defe...

 #30 Staves (PFRPG)
 Regular price: $2.95
 Bundle price: $0.99

Never leave an old man his "walking stick", NEVER!

Why stick to the same old staves of yesterday, when you can pick up the latest in adventuring tools? #30 Staves provides a wide array of options, from the awe inspiring staff of the planetripper to the mysterious staff of portents to the fearsome staff of the fleshwarper. These staves permit characters to summon a black pudding, like the staff of the dungeon's warden, or control the light and darkness with the legendary shadowstaff. Along with rules for greater and lesser staves. 

So why stick with that plain old staff your character has been claiming is just a "walking stick" for the last ten years when you can get something more? Get #30 Staves!


 #30 Traps for Tombs (PFRPG)
 Regular price: $3.96
 Bundle price: $0.99
Go beyond the usual poison darts, collapsing floors, and rolling boulders!

#30 Traps for Tombs presents a cruel buffet of maiming, injuring, and outright killing. With a selection of vicious deathtraps from CR2 to CR10, set in a detailed burial environment, #30 Traps for Tombs also doubles as a potential bare-bones delve into the long-sealed sepulcher of an exotic necropolis. There are traps within traps, decoys, fire, spears, even monkeys! Everything you need to make for a fun evening in a graveyard is here except for the freshly slaughtered corpses—and your player characters will be happy to bring their own. 

Whether you're looking for a catalog of precalculated doom, or just a few bits of mechanical mayhem to spice up a session of questionable forced...

 #30 Unique Magical Blades (PFRPG)
 Regular price: $2.95
 Bundle price: $0.99

Don’t your heroes deserve weapons with as much background and personality as the adventurers who carry them? 

The valiant are known by the weapons they wield—Excalibur, Hrunting, Joyeuse, Narsil, Sting—all blades that cut into the hearts of enemies simply by uttering their names. 

What weapon will your hero carry into legend? 

With #30 Unique Magical Blades, you’ll have plenty to choose from, whether you’re an axe-wielding barbarian, a rapier-drawing gentleman, a two-fisted rogue or a longsword-slashing knight. Select from weapons like Ebon Crow, the northman’s battleaxe known for its utility and gift of stability, the Heart of Flame, a longspear once bonded to a famous e...

 #30 Variant Dragons (PFRPG)
 Regular price: $4.99
 Bundle price: $0.99

"Our Dragons Are Different."

No creature is so iconic to fantasy roleplaying as the dragon. The dragon is to fantasy Rpgs as the space ship is to science fiction, as the vampire is to horror, as the quick-draw stranger is to the western. There is a reason why its on the cover of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook. Only a dragon has that kind of impact, and they can again by making dragons more than just the sum of the color of their scales.

Within you will find the Metropolitan Dragon from the City of Brass, the Orichalcum Dragon who drowns whole civilizations beneath the waves, Shakudo Dragons who develop draconic martial arts, and many more evocative new takes on the ten standard true dragon types.  


Total value:$71.03
Special bundle price:$20.79
Savings of:$50.24 (71%)


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