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Devil's Crossroad: Quickdraw
by John G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/18/2010 16:06:32
A free demo that is playable is unusual. One that lets you create a full character is a rare thing indeed. I have been looking for a demo like this for some time. This demo gives you extensive information on character creation, as well as the best way to distribute the points for creating a character for each class. The mechanics of the game are called systems. The systems of the game are simple and more extensive than I expected. Quite a bit more than I expected in fact. the combat is simple and basic. The weapons are many enough for a good demo. Non combat equipment is in great numbers. The lay out was also good and the Table of Contents was written specifically for this demo.
Now for the complaints. The information on the dice needed is scattered throughout the systems section, and the letters after the number of which dice was not explained after being introduced in the players guide. here is an example 1d6w. This demo needs what many demos(playable and non-playable) are lacking a line that says "To play this game you will need the following....". I realize this writer is more experienced than I will ever be, but I am experienced enough to know that telling all players what dice they need at the very beginning is in important. I would have liked bad guys and npc's but the examples of character creation will suffice nicely.
the last detail of problems is not a complaint but a mere error. The character sheet which is in the table of contents is not in the demo. I have studied the pdf repeatedly to be 100% sure this was not intentional and sent a message to the download store regarding this error.

In closing I wish to state that I will purchase the full version when I become employed again, and in the meantime will enjoy this free demo

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Devil's Crossroad: Quickdraw
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Publisher Reply:
My mistake on the character sheet. For whatever reason, it didn't get merged with the rest of the PDF. I am including a PDF for free download.
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