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Bedlam in Bedlam: A Superlink Adventure $20.00 $9.95
Average Rating:4.0 / 5
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Bedlam in Bedlam: A Superlink Adventure
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Bedlam in Bedlam: A Superlink Adventure
Publisher: Plain Brown Wrapper Games
by Chris H. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 11/29/2007 22:20:06
After buying this product I am compelled to write a review for the simple fact that I would not buy this again if given the chance. It has some good points as a product but many more elements I simply did not like. The most important of which is the length. That is a lot of pages to print out. The art is ok at best which is fine but the effect is page after page of mediocre text. The maps could be done better (such as in a product like Lockdown which has excellent maps, compared to a product like that I'd give this product a very lowrating). Lastly, the format the characters are written in could be improved away from the 'stat block' they resemble. In the end I'm weary of buying products from this publisher. The story itself is decent but it seems, for what it is, you could shorten the length of the product. There is a lot of effort in detailing lots of government agents for example when perhaps a base write up with options added and a quick list of 'personalities' would not have seemed more appropriate. In the end what you get is a large investment of time and effort on the GM's part which if you didn't like the adventure you ended up reading a bit too much information. As far as the inclusion of the city of bedlam write up? Well, why not simply include this as a smaller separate product which costs like 2 dollars. Do we really need it that detailed considering in the adventure your exactly going to explore that much of it. Its a bonus really to have it, but again, it added to the overall thought that this adventure had 'too much information'. I am writing this review to say that out of all the superlink products I bought I really don't want more of something like this. Adventures are good. A good example of one, and one I'd pay good money of are of the type listed in Gimmick's Gadgets page of the Atomic Think Tank forum. There is a 'free adventure' that involves the Toy Boy. That adventure seems to give me just want I need without overloading me, and is the essence of the plot and adventure.

[2 of 5 Stars!]
Bedlam in Bedlam: A Superlink Adventure
Publisher: Plain Brown Wrapper Games
by John M. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 11/12/2007 10:44:54
A large adventure in five parts, Bedlam In Bedlam gives us the city of Bedlam, which is as corrupt as you want and is a counterpoint to your usual campaign city. The new version is extensively bookmarked, which is essential in navigating something this size.

LIKED: I liked a almost all of the adventure: good maps, clear scenes, the summary at the front helps a great deal. The setting of Bedlam is lovely (for gaming purposes) and I hope the upcoming Bedlam supplement will enlarge on it.

DISLIKED: My quibbles are pretty minor.
- There's relatively little of Bedlam in here, which makes the adventure somewhat ironic--however, it does give you a lot of material for future adventures set there
- Characters could start at the top of the page or could be in a separate booklet so you could just print them out and put them in a binder; as it is, getting the whole character means copying some of them out
- The first scene features a rather underpowered villain; if the players have Impervious Toughness (as most of the sample characters do), they essentially can't be hurt in the first scene
- The fourth scene features a lot of planning, which can make for a lot of talking; it's harder to end this scene on a cliff-hanger
- The ending, the part that makes it an Iron Age-style adventure, is something the heroes don't see. Presumably that is left for the GM or a future adventure to fill in

I think it would make a better adventure interleaved into a campaign, but it can be run as a single adventure (I did the latter). It adds a touch of the Iron Age styling in a more "regular" (Silver Age) campaign setting.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Bedlam in Bedlam: A Superlink Adventure
Publisher: Plain Brown Wrapper Games
by James C. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 07/09/2007 00:00:00
Nice adventure that makes the GM's job easy. Lots of detail (perhaps at times too much) but a good fun scenario to run and play. The opening scene however was rather too easy and not the challenge it was supposed to be.

LIKED: Lots of detail, good maps and made the GM's job very easy

DISLIKED: Not much. The opening Scene was a tad easy for a group that used the archetypes from the rulebook. Impervious damage and mind control are pretty tough for one PL11 villain to over come.

QUALITY: Very Good

VALUE: Satisfied

[4 of 5 Stars!]
Bedlam in Bedlam: A Superlink Adventure
Publisher: Plain Brown Wrapper Games
by Nathan C. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 07/06/2007 00:00:00
All you game masters with players vying to be the next batman finally are delivered an adventure and setting worthy of the broodiness that your players crave.

Bedlam in Bedlam is the quintessential adventure for game masters who have players itching for a dark comic book setting. Bedlam in Bedlam, by Plain Brown Wrapper Games, contains both a great adventure and a detailed setting within its 200 pages. I felt like that guy who goes to a grocery store and realizes that there was a ham tucked underneath the cart that he forgot to pay for. Something felt wrong getting all the goodness in Bedlam for nothing, considering the low cost and detail put into it.

The adventure involves government superchildren and breaking into a government facility to save them. This is a simple plot if we are talking cheesy four color, but in a gritty campaign world like Bedlam, things are a bit murky. Some of the government are good guys and some of them are not. Some are trying to help you orchestrate the break-in while some assume that you helping them.

With so much intrigue, the writer does a organized job of helping the gamemaster run the game. There is first an overall overview and then a remarkably done more chapter by chapter overview. This is a notion that d20 adventure providers have yet to grab. Instead of writing adventures like novels, where the GM has to get to the last page to find out what is going on, Bedlam writes the adventure for the Game master. Like other adventures from the publishers, hints and tips are scattered throughout for ?what if? incidents involving the PCs. Each chapter has great descriptions and colorful maps for pc use.

All that alone is worth the price of admission. But one of the appendixes? is a 30 page layout of Bedlam including a map and detailed information about the government, neighborhoods and other factions. It?s written so well that if you do not have a detailed home city, you can easily slip it as yours.

For the Game Master
Bedlam spells out everything for you so there is little guessing as to what could happen next. The adventure has a lot of paths the PCs could go, which makes for a satisfying adventure for them and prevents the feeling of being railroaded.

The Iron Word
Brown Paper Bags adventures have steadily gotten better and this one has reached a pinnacle. This is the type of adventure and setting that players have wanted for some time.

LIKED: - adventure has many non-linear moments that give the PCs results for their actions and does not make them feel boxed into the module
- This is two products in one. A great campaign setting and a great adventure
- The descriptions really put you into the dingy city of Bedlam
- Nice color maps
- unique villians and allies (figuring out who is who is even better)

DISLIKED: - still no bookmarks on products. This is one of their biggest products yet and its really inconvenient to navigate through.

QUALITY: Very Good

VALUE: Very Satisfied

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Publisher Reply:
I am pleased to report that we have just uploaded a new version of "Bedlam in Bedlam" that is heavily bookmarked. Thanks a lot for taking the time to bring the problem to our attention. Feedback like this from our readers is critical for us to have.
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