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Island of the Forgotten Tomb $6.50 $3.99
Editeur: Basic Action Games
par Nicholas B. [Acheteur vérifié] Date Ajoutée: 01/21/2006 00:00:00
A slick and to-the-point campaign adventure with world background modelling a fantasy realm with suspiciously historic-seafaring age overtones. If you want to run a BASH! Fantasy game set on the high seas of a world suspiciously similar too, but otherwise very much unlike our own during the 16th-17th century, then this is a good start. Like BASH! Fantasy, the art is decent but skimpy. The maps are good, and I loved the cover on this one. In the end, the real weakness I saw was that I could have used about 30-40 more pages on the setting, as it held my interest and left me wanting more material and adventures. It has a good introductory adventure, and a nice section of genre-specific rules and monsters, but could use much more, I felt, in terms of setting and scenarios.

LIKED: Good, to-the-point campaign setting, easy for novice and expert GMs to tinker with and run

DISLIKED: Sparse on art (but nice cover)
Could use more material/adventures (hint!)

QUALITY: Very Good

VALUE: Satisfied

[4 sur 5 Etoiles!]
R�ponse Editeur:
Nicholas, believe me, I hear you on the extra pages for the setting. This was only an introduction to En Garde- and we plan on putting out another product in this line (with much more detail on the Caramaks & Akirima) this summer!
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Island of the Forgotten Tomb
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