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Attack of the Wyvern $2.99
Publisher: Sonic Legends
by Christopher H. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 02/01/2010 21:00:25
Some DMs and players might find the roars, screams, groans, clashing swords, whooshing arrows, and other sound effects in this track to be over the top, but I rather like them. The music alone would certainly sit well under any fight scene; the sound effects tie the track down somewhat to an epic battle against a large monster (the titular wyvern, a dragon, or something similar). I used this soundscape recently during a party's confrontation with a dragon, and I felt that it fit in perfectly. The only down side, I would say, is that the track eases in and eases out, producing a sort of gap in the action when you loop the track.

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Attack of the Wyvern
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