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100 Spaceship Traits $1.99
Publisher: Second Rat Games
by Berin K. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 03/07/2010 20:02:09
The best spaceships in fiction, television, and movies are practically characters unto themselves, as well as interesting locations. The spaceships in most RPGs are, well, boring collections of statistics and deck plans. 100 Spaceship Traits is a cool little PDF if you want to change that. It's systemless and settingless, so it's useful if you run any sort of game where the player characters are on spaceship. All ships have their quirks and their histories, and this is a way to give any ship instant character. It's suggested that eqach ship gets 3, or alternately 1d3, traits. Roll a percentile, and pick from the list. Each result has a detailed description on what it means, so you're not left to enterpret things entirely on your own.

There are benefits, drawbacks, and just plain color here. A ship might be fuel efficient, giving it modifiers to its range before it has to make port. It may have a faulty FTL drive that breaks down at inopportune moments, or drops the characters in the wrong location. It may just have interesting features, like brand new furniture, an extensive library, or a ginchy science lab. Each trait suggests a story, something about the previous owner or something the ship's been through. When you mix three traits and try to work out how the ship got those things, you're on your way to creating an adventure hook.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
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100 Spaceship Traits
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