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The Bad Guys: an M&M Superlink Sourcebook $12.95 $7.95
Publisher: Plain Brown Wrapper Games
by Jason C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/07/2005 00:00:00
First of all, WOW! The publisher has really worked hard to maximize the different ways this product can be used by providing different versions for use on-screen, printer-friendly and so forth. And since I bought this product it's already been updated once.

The goal of this product was to make a lot of bad guys without a lot of new material, just using what's in the M&M book. And that's been done very well. The author's introduction makes it clear what sort of game world these villains come from, and so some head-scratching designs (like the not-funny clown villain) are explained there.

An explanation is not really an excuse, though. There are a fair chunk of these villains that are extremely specialized to a slightly light-hearted and/or self-consciously "sick" sense of humor and aren't easily translated into other worlds or tones. I'm not saying these bad guys should be taken out - on the contrary! I think that there should be multiple versions of these bad guys to be used, perhaps just with a few sentences for each version in a sidebar of some kind, as the M&M sourcebooks themselves do.

Another great strength of this product is the scenarios provided for each villain. Even for villains identified as "short-timers" - they come in for a rampage or a caper and then they're gone forever - are given a handful of well-fleshed-out ideas for GMs to steal.

Finally, attention is given to villain teams and organizations. These are well-done and well-themed.

LIKED: Great PDF features, great scenarios, great teams, good villains in general. Awesome to see someone just use the M&M books "straight" as much as possible.

DISLIKED: Some villains don't seem appropriate for all worlds and are difficult to translate on your own.

QUALITY: Acceptable

VALUE: Very Satisfied

[4 of 5 Stars!]
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The Bad Guys: an M&M Superlink Sourcebook
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