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Invite Only $8.99
Publisher: White Wolf
by Harry H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/29/2012 18:06:09
This is a nice supplement that has a lot of good ideas and some great plug in and play elements to your Vampire games. The first chapter is a good breakdown of why Elysium or other Vampire gatherings is important and how they can add to your games. There is a nice variety of pre-made social gatherings that are easily adaptable and used, from a frenzied rave in a junk yard to a boardroom esqe power meeting. The supplement is rounded out with a few sample scenes and characters that you can plug into your game as a sub-plot or make the focus of a one shot. The writing throughout is of a high quality.

This supplement doesn't reinvent the wheel but it does offer a compelling look at social gatherings in Requiem. Its easy and fun to read (like most White Wolf supplements) and manages to offer a lot of great content into its 80 pages. The artwork is also real pretty. The final section has a "social combat" mechanic that is also available in Danse Macabre. This mechanic is fantastic and can really make socially built characters feel instantly a lot more compelling and powerful. If you have Danse Macabre already, then there are no other mechanical additions in the supplement. Having said that these mechanics only make up a small part of the overall book, and even though I own Danse Macabre I defintely did not feel short-changed at all by this small repetion.

Whether you want to mix up a more action heavy campaign with some talking, need some ideas for Elysium based characters or just want to see what a Crone gathering looks like Invite Only does a really good job of exploring its theme. Its not an essential purchase but is high quality, tightly focused supplement. Especially worth getting while the Halloween sale is on!

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Invite Only
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