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Teach your Kids to Game

Teach your Kids to GameWhat are you doing this weekend? How about planning a new campaign... with your kids?

We've collected some of the best RPGs for gaming with kids here and we have even more available in the Family Gaming section!

We want to hear your stories of gaming with kids, so be sure to drop by our Facebook and Twitter pages to let us know your thoughts on Teach Your Kids to Game Week!

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Snowball Wars
Publisher: Okumarts Games

It's a fast and furious battle in a winter wonderland. Snowball Wars is a minigame complete with full rules, figures, terrain, bases, game tiles and game cards.  All files are 300dpi and include front and back views. Cardstock Miniatures are an affordable and attractive alternative to metal or plastic miniatures. Print as many as you like as often as you like.  You w...   [click here for more]

Price: $9.95 $4.45

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Song of Fur and Buttons
Publisher: Ganesha Games

Fight for Queen, Country, and Honey! Song of Fur and Buttons is a set of standalone rules based on the Origins-nominated Song of Blades and Heroes engine.

The book follows the exploits of three adventurous teddy bears, Sir Maurice Fursworth, Sir William Cuddlesbury and Sir Uppity Paws.

Fight and race Dinosaurs, form alliances with the Kermitians, swashbu...   [click here for more]

Price: $8.00

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Swords and Wizardry Complete Rule Book
Publisher: Frog God Games

This book expands the Swords and Wizardry Core Rules ( to cover all of the early phase supplements from the 1970’s. It creates a 1-volume resource allowing the players and game masters alike to create and run adventures and campaigns that will last for an entire lifetime. The game is supported by a vast array of adventures, and other resources that are produ...   [click here for more]

Price: $9.99 $0.00

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Teenagers from Outerspace
Publisher: R. Talsorian Games Inc.


Tommy Tanaka dove under his desk as the Disco Dwarves from Dimension X teleported with a "pop" into the Homeroom. Zap rays sizzled overhead, vaporizing his English is Fun textbook and scorching one of the slower freshmen nearby. There was a sound like tearing rubber as, in the corner, Vilar Monstered Out to his full thirteen feet-two and began...   [click here for more]

Price: $20.00 $10.00

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The Big Night
Publisher: May Contain Monkeys

The Big Guy needs your help! The Big Night is a co-operative storytelling game with for kids 36 pages of puppets to cut out and color.  Together, the players will tell a story about a group of stuffed animals, snowmen, and other creatures, who help out the Big Guy to deliver presents to children on the Big Night. The Big Night is very simpl...   [click here for more]

Price: $10.00

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The Moonbugs
Publisher: Starbright

The Moonbugs is a role-playing game, suitable for ages 6 & up, set on a far-off planet where ‘There Be Monsters’. You play one of these monsters, and adventure across The Planet of the Moonbugs, and beyond.  The game includes lots of already-created monsters, and there are rules to make monsters of your own, with a few simple characteristics, a power and a bane.
The rule...   [click here for more]

Price: $3.95

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The SurReal Mother Geek (A Grow With Me RPG)
Publisher: G33k & Co.

Gaming with kids is really hard to do, right?  Not any more.   Meet Grow With Me RPGs: The SurReal Mother Geek, an RPG manual written specifically to help you encourage your 4-7 year old to game with you.  It is chalk full of parent-to-parent advice on how to teach the basics of roleplaying to your little one and even has four easy-to-play campaigns that are based on the a...   [click here for more]

Price: $7.99

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Toy War
Publisher: Team Frog

Do you remember when you were a kid and played with toy soldiers? The battles would rage across the backyard dragging in everything and yet it was always hard to figure out who won. Not anymore! "Toy War" is the ultimate set of rules created expressly for using toys with. Literally any toy of any size can be used. Battles are balanced using a simple point scheme to determine worth, and g...   [click here for more]

Price: $2.99 $2.39

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Woodland Warriors Rpg
Publisher: Beyond Belief Games

WOODLAND WARRIORS is a fantastic little role playing game suitable for kids and adults alike. It uses the popular Swords & Wizardry Core (with modifications to more closely suit the genre) which itself is based on the original role playing game of medieval fantasy adventure. Fans of any animal-based fiction, comics, fairy tales or cartoon movies will love this game. Set in the Alder Vale, Ston...   [click here for more]

Price: $3.50

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Yarr! The Rules Light Pirate RPG
Publisher: BD Games

THE Rules Light Pirate ArrrPG for children, beginners and veteran players alike! Avast, me hearties! Join me, fer adventure 'n' treasure huntin' on t' high seas! Become the infamous pirates ye deserve ta be an’ feed yer hunger fer glory an’ riches! YARR! YARR! is a fun, easy to learn game for kids, beginners or veteran players who emphasize story and role play over ru...   [click here for more]

Price: $4.99 $0.49

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