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Top 100 Small Press Items
01.Demon: The Descent

Demon: The Descent
by Onyx Path Publishing

Angels are everywhere. They are under the everyday world, behind it, beyond it. They are sent by the God-Machine to enact its will through time and space, delivering messages, building infrastructure, protecting some people, killing others. You were one of those angels... But not anymore. Now you are one of the Unchained, a fallen angel who defected to the human race. Yours is a world of false...   [click here for more]
02.Blood and Smoke: The Strix Chronicle

Blood and Smoke: The Strix Chronicle
by Onyx Path Publishing

The new Chronicle Core book for Vampire: The Requiem. Tonight, you become one of the Kindred, the beautiful and the damned who hide behind our ordinary world. Driven by a hunger like fire, you will struggle to maintain your humanity while immersed in a vicious society of monsters. But the sharks you swim with aren’t the only ones out there. Your Kindred are the smart, sexy...   [click here for more]
03.Venture City Stories • A World of Adventure for Fate Core

Venture City Stories • A World of Adventure for Fate Core
by Evil Hat Productions, LLC

It’s not safe to venture into Venture City… Looking for a little inspiration for your next Fate Core campaign? Check out Venture City Stories! This adventure toolkit written by Brian Engard will give you everything you need to send your characters on an adventure full of superpowers, villainous corporations, and ruthless gangs in a near-future...   [click here for more]
04.Eclipse Phase: The Devotees

Eclipse Phase: The Devotees
by Posthuman Studios LLC

The Devotees is a scenario for Eclipse Phase: Pit your Firewall team against Nine Lives, the most ruthless syndicate of soul thieves in the System. Investigate a horrifying new psychosurgery technique that creates worshipful slaves. Includes new information on the organization and key figures in the Nine Lives crime syndicate. Includes details about Legba, Nine Lives’...   [click here for more]
05.Sacrificial Pool

Sacrificial Pool
by DramaScape

Sacrificial Pool DramaScape Fantasy Volume 36 This Product is a 48 x 30 inch, full color floorplan of a Sacrificial Pool. The Product comes with the Square, Hex and No Overlay versions and the Virtual Tabletop Maps. “Drown...   [click here for more]
06.Mindjammer - The Roleplaying Game

Mindjammer - The Roleplaying Game
by Modiphius

Grab your blaster, thoughtcast your orders to the starship sentience, and fire up the planing engines — come and defend the light of humanity’s greatest civilisation as it spreads to the stars! The ENnie Award-winning transhuman science-fiction RPG setting returns, in a new edition updated and massively expanded for the Fate Core rules. Mindjammer is an action-packed...   [click here for more]
07.Scarlet Heroes

Scarlet Heroes
by Sine Nomine Publishing

The crimson mist churns a hundred miles from shore, red with the blood of a butchered world. Here in the Sunset Isles the last fragments of humanity struggle to withstand the fury of the native Shou and the corruption within their own divided ranks. Hard-eyed men and women brood in the waterfront dives and shabby tea houses, selling their swords for a few bright coins or the promise of a dead man's...   [click here for more]
08.Angels & Ashes

Angels & Ashes
by Ryan Chaddock Games

MAGIC AND POWER ALL AROUND US. Esoteric powers summoned by arcane gestures, syllables, and symbols. No technology looks so much like magic as the nanites of the Ninth World. Those who know their secret ways wield arcane power, just as the wizards and will-workers of legend. ANGELS & ASHES is an 87 page nanotechnology book for Numenera, presenting an arcane...   [click here for more]
09.Dungeon World

Dungeon World
by Sage Kobold Productions

Golden Geek RPG of the Year 2012 Indie RPG 2012 Winner: Best Game, Best Support, Best Production ENnie Award Winner 2013: Best Rules - Gold Winner Combining high-action dungeon crawling with cutting-edge rules, Dungeon World is a roleplaying game of fantasy adventure. You and your friends will explore a land of magic and danger in the roles of adventurers searching...   [click here for more]
10.World of Darkness: The God-Machine Chronicle

World of Darkness: The God-Machine Chronicle
by Onyx Path Publishing

"Here’s the question: Do you really want to know? Because it’s not like it’s a secret. It's just like your car - it doesn’t run by magic but it might as well, for all you know when you look under the hood." – Wesley Cote, AKA The Key What Has Risen May Fall What is the God-Machine? That question doesn't have a single, easy answer,...   [click here for more]
11.Ninth World Assassins

Ninth World Assassins
by Knowledge Of The Ninth

Assassins, the mysterious agents who are capable of exterminating their targets without leaving a trace. These people exist in the ninth realm, they just haven’t found you yet. In this book you will find new ways to customize your villians and characters into the deadliest assassins in the Steadfast. Just beware, they may be looking for you... This book provides you with far more than just...   [click here for more]
12.Werewolf: The Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition

Werewolf: The Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition
by Onyx Path Publishing

These are the final days- The signs are clear: Even our pups know That this is the age of the Apocalypse!   Werewolf the Apocalypse roared into hobby games in 1992, inspiring a generation of fans to stand up and howl their defiance at a corrupted world in a battle they knew they were doomed to lose. WtA presented the Garou: creatures at once both man and wolf, and filled...   [click here for more]
13.Gossamer Worlds: Tetsujin Shogunate (Diceless)

Gossamer Worlds: Tetsujin Shogunate (Diceless)
by Rite Publishing

The Grand Stair stretches behind the scenes of the multiverse, The Doors upon its unfathomably vast span leading the way to gossamer worlds of limitless variety and infinite possibility. The Tetsujin Shogunate used to be a normal-ish version of Earth... before little green men crash-landed in feudal Japan and started building giant robots. That, as you might expect, shook things up a bit. Tetsujin...   [click here for more]
14.Fate Core System

Fate Core System
by Evil Hat Productions, LLC

Grab your plasma rifles, spell components, and jetpacks! Name your game; Fate Core is the foundation that can make it happen. Fate Core is a flexible system that can support whatever worlds you dream up. Have you always wanted to play a post-apocalyptic spaghetti western with tentacle monsters? Swords and sorcery in space? Wish there was a game based on your favorite series of books,...   [click here for more]
15.Fate System Toolkit

Fate System Toolkit
by Evil Hat Productions, LLC

Rules, glorious rules! The Fate Core system is flexible, hackable, and adaptable to any world you can dream up. This Fate System Toolkit is packed with system ideas to bring those dreams to life. Learn how to hack the skill system to better suit your terraforming campaign. Get ideas on how to create races and societies for your woodland elves, subterranean aliens, or afterlife police force. Customize...   [click here for more]
16.W20 Changing Breeds

W20 Changing Breeds
by Onyx Path Publishing

Changing Breeds for Werewolf 20th Anniversary Edition is here! Everything you need to play any of the other werecreatures of the World of Darkness, including the Lost Breeds. Creatures of the Wild The Garou are not the only changing creatures to stalk the world. Other shapeshifters hunt in places where wolves do not tread, from sun-lost seas to the darkest...   [click here for more]
17.Echoes of the Prior Worlds

Echoes of the Prior Worlds
by Ryan Chaddock Games

EXPLORE THE WORLD The worlds that came before the ninth call out to us from dusty ruins and icy peaks. The explorers among us may salvage the past to bring new light to our future, but only at great cost. In this our first Exploration we delve into a baker’s dozen short adventures for speedy use by Numenera Game Masters in need. Echoes of the Prior...   [click here for more]

by Sixtystone Press

“It is said that in Ulthar, which lies beyond the river Skai, no man may kill a cat; and this I can verily believe as I gaze upon him who sitteth purring before the fire. For the cat is cryptic, and close to strange things which men cannot see. He is the soul of antique Aegyptus, and bearer of tales from forgotten cities in Meroe and Ophir. He is the kin of the jungle’s lords, and heir...   [click here for more]
19.Inverse World - A Dungeon World Supplement

Inverse World - A Dungeon World Supplement
by Jacob Randolph

Anyone purchasing this product before the Print Edition is available for sale will recieve a discount coupon towards purchasing the Print Edition! The Inverse World – so named by outsiders, who came from beyond the world’s crust. Inside, they found a massive, windy void, with a glowing star shining in the center. A ring of islands orbits this star, and far above...   [click here for more]
20.Campaign Chunk - Volume 1

Campaign Chunk - Volume 1
by Ennead Games

Campaign Chunk - Volume 1 A Campaign Chunk is an item, place or something else that can fit into any campaign or story with little or no modification, although some will be more suited to certain genres than others. They have few stats and can help provide starting grounds for adventures or help fill in the gaps when your players go off exploring and you need something for them to do. Each has several...   [click here for more]
21.Achtung! Cthulhu: Kontamination

Achtung! Cthulhu: Kontamination
by Modiphius

THIS WAY MADNESS LIES... Achtung! Cthulhu brings you a two-fisted wartime roleplaying game setting packed full of fiendish Nazis, terrifying ancient mysteries, legendary war machines, and enough writhing tentacles to fill ten Reichstags! Kontamination is a standalone adventure for both hardened Achtung! Cthulhu veterans and newcomers alike, set in late 1944...   [click here for more]
22.Hero Kids - Fantasy RPG

Hero Kids - Fantasy RPG
by Hero Forge Games

Hero Kids is the ENnie award-winning fantasy RPG for kids aged from 4 to 10. This game offers a fast and fun introduction to RPGs, perfect for younger kids who are just getting interested in role-playing games. NOTE: The print option includes the core rules, heroes, and monsters. Select the Print + PDF option (no extra cost) to also get the introductory adventure and printable...   [click here for more]
23.Threats: Dawn of the Dwimmerlaik (Diceless)

Threats: Dawn of the Dwimmerlaik (Diceless)
by Rite Publishing

“We need no god because we have stood as gods.” For aeons, the Dwimmerlaik walked the Grand Stair. They ruled countless Gossamer worlds, and those that they did not they destroyed. Their name stirs fear and dread across the Grand Stair even today. They reigned unopposed for millennia until the rise of the Gossamer Lords, and a centuries long war finally ended with their entire race...   [click here for more]
24.Throne of Night Book Two: The Earth's Wound

Throne of Night Book Two: The Earth's Wound
by Fire Mountain Games

EXPLORE A LOST WORLD Build an empire beneath the earth! You have forged a fledgling realm that stretches from the deep gnome town of Fasturvalt to the drow tower of Vothys, though the weird Fungal Jungle and beyond. But can you hold what you have built against the many threats that would seize your throne? And more than simply defending what you already have, can you expand your empire? Can...   [click here for more]
25.Against the Cult of the Bat God

Against the Cult of the Bat God
by Raging Swan Press

A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventure for four 5th-level PCs by John Bennett The Lonely Coast’s most remote village, Oakhurst broods under the dark boughs of the Tangled Woods. Rumours of incest, murder and vile rites during the black of night surround its insular citizens. It is a place most wise people avoid as the very air seems inhospitable to strangers. Yet in the rumours is a grain...   [click here for more]
26.Celestial Wisdom

Celestial Wisdom
by Ryan Chaddock Games

THERE IS WISDOM IN THE SKY The Ninth World holds many wondrous and terrible things from earth’s past. Perhaps the most familiar to us in the 21st century is the Datasphere, an extrapolation of our internet, cast a billion years into the future. Once a galaxy spanning network responsible for the dataflow of countless empires, the Datasphere of the Ninth World is a broken monument...   [click here for more]
27.Mounted Combat

Mounted Combat
by Fünhaver Industries

From humble horses to mighty dragons and everything in between, Mounted Combat is proud to present your mighty heroes with steeds fit for their stature and power. This supplement will give your knight errants, halfling scouts, and proud dragonriders everything you need. This supplement requires the Dungeon World core book to use, and makes an excellent companion for Inverse World. Mounted...   [click here for more]
28.Interface Zero 2.0: Full Metal Cyberpunk

Interface Zero 2.0: Full Metal Cyberpunk
by Gun Metal Games

FULL METAL CYBERPUNK! In a not-so-distant future, the world has been ravaged by global warming, subjected to the horrors of nuclear war and natural disaster, witnessed the collapse of the mightiest nation in the history of the world, and the rise of other nations to take its place. In East Asia, the Bear and the Dragon battle for control of the resource-rich continent, and an emergent...   [click here for more]
29.Hero Kids - Adventure - Yuletide Journey

Hero Kids - Adventure - Yuletide Journey
by Hero Forge Games

The Yuletide Journey adventure takes place in the days before Rivenshore's annual midwinter Yuletide feast. But the village has not heard from their festival's annual guest, Odin, who is the protector of the Brecken Vale. The kids set out on a journey to Odin's home in the northern mountains, and along the way they meet new friends, overcome dangerous challenges, and face fearsome enemies. •...   [click here for more]
30.Jadepunk: Tales From Kausao City

Jadepunk: Tales From Kausao City
by Reroll Productions

Overthrow oppression in Jadepunk! You are the Jianghu – a loose society of likeminded, yet quarrelsome, individuals and organizations. Using powerful Jadetech devices and martial arts techniques, you stand against oppression and injustice. Though you are few, the Council fears you, for you have the most powerful weapon in Kausao City – the hearts and minds of the people. Unite them, and...   [click here for more]
31.Addendum: Blessings & Curses (Diceless)

Addendum: Blessings & Curses (Diceless)
by Rite Publishing

Every Blessing ignored becomes a Curse. A magical enhancement to Lords of Gossamer & Shadow, allowing characters to place beneficial or harmful magical effects upon persons, places, or even things. Allowing PCs and GMs to emulate some of the greatest stories, be it brother cursing brother before being thrown in a pit of despair, or a fey lady blessing...   [click here for more]
32.High-Space: Into The Remnant

High-Space: Into The Remnant
by StoryWeaver

Fast, Furious Fun… in the Far Future! “A great little sci-fi dungeon crawl. A water-logged thriller in an ancient alien research station, where potential riches are outweighed only by an eons-old terror! Lot’s of fun" Those who stayed behind in the Altitude bar turn towards Remnant-0C7 when the FTL core of the Daliance ruptures...   [click here for more]
33.Gossamer Worlds: Empyrea (Diceless)

Gossamer Worlds: Empyrea (Diceless)
by Rite Publishing

The Grand Stair stretches behind the scenes of the multiverse, the Doors upon its unfathomably vast span leading the way to gossamer worlds of limitless variety and infinite possibility. Human (and inhuman) civilizations in every conceivable variation populate these worlds, and on one shining world the race of man is ascending towards perfection. Empyrea is an Earth-like paradise populated...   [click here for more]
34.Rite Map Pack: City by the Sea

Rite Map Pack: City by the Sea
by Rite Publishing

Where the Streets Have No Name... City by the Sea, a new offering from Tommi Salama cartographer for Adventure Quartelry, gives you a new local to use in any campaign! This elegant, coastal city is anything but simple with labeled and spoiler-free unlabeled versions, gorgeous color maps, plus a version split for larger printing in Letter pages so you can lay it across the table. ...   [click here for more]
35.W20 Rage Across the World

W20 Rage Across the World
by Onyx Path Publishing

Walking the World The Garou fight their war against the Wyrm throughout the world. Werewolves fight a deadly three-sided war in the Amazon, facing both the Wyrm’s forces and native shapeshifters who do not appreciate the Garou’s incursion. In Cairo, the Arab Spring provides cover for the werewolves’ enemies, but also opportunity and hope. In Iberia and America,...   [click here for more]
36.Nova Praxis [Augmented PDF]

Nova Praxis [Augmented PDF]
by Void Star Games

See trailer and download a preview here! This is the PDF version of Nova Praxis, but it is not just a fully bookmarked and linked PDF version of the book. The Augmented PDF has gone through an entirely separate layout process, developed from the ground up to run on widescreen laptop screens and tablets. The Augmented PDF also features a number of navigational aids, allowing...   [click here for more]
37.Powers For Good #0

Powers For Good #0
by Sage Kobold Productions

Create your team. Choose your hero. Save the day. Powers For Good is a fast-moving roleplaying game of team superheroics in the style of comic books such as Legion of Superheroes and New X-men, or TV shows like Justice League. Together with your friends you can create an entire team of superheroes in just a few minutes and leap into whatever the GM has stewing....   [click here for more]
38.Gossamer Worlds: The Nightmare Kingdom (Diceless)

Gossamer Worlds: The Nightmare Kingdom (Diceless)
by Rite Publishing

The Grand Stair stretches behind the scenes of the multiverse, The Doors upon its unfathomably vast span leading the way to gossamer worlds of limitless variety and infinite possibility. Out there somewhere is a place for every dream... and every nightmare. The Nightmare Kingdom is a realm of pure fear, capable of warping its highly mutable fabric to take the shape of anyone's darkest dreams...   [click here for more]
39.Fate Accelerated Edition

Fate Accelerated Edition
by Evil Hat Productions, LLC

Let’s face it: most roleplaying games aren’t grab-and-go. Giant books and prep work out the ying-yang can be fun if you’ve got the time, but what if you don’t? What if you’re looking for a last minute game? What if you’re new to the RPG world and want a no hassle way to try one out? What if you’re introducing your kids to RPGs and want something easily accessible...   [click here for more]
40.Blood and Smoke Condition Cards

Blood and Smoke Condition Cards
by Onyx Path Publishing

Part of the new Blood & Smoke Chronicle rules, Conditions add an additional layer of consequence and reward to certain actions in theWorld of Darkness. Various things within the course of a game can cause Conditions. These include exceptional successes, supernatural abilities, and really any situation where the Storyteller thinks they can be used to heighten the...   [click here for more]
41.Gossamer Worlds: Brokeworld (Diceless)

Gossamer Worlds: Brokeworld (Diceless)
by Rite Publishing

The Grand Stair stretches behind the scenes of the multiverse, the Doors upon its unfathomably vast span leading the way to gossamer worlds of limitless variety and infinite possibility. With all those options, they can't all be nice. Brokeworld is a dump of cosmic proportions, haunted by tragic Unmade and infested with ruinous gremlins. Choked with the...   [click here for more]
42.Hero Kids - Adventure - Fire in Rivenshore

Hero Kids - Adventure - Fire in Rivenshore
by Hero Forge Games

The Fire In Rivenshore adventure takes place when a fire breaks out in Rivenshore. The kids are asked to help battle the blaze and find its source. After rescuing Roger in the burning tavern and battling looters, the kids discover that a bullied street urchin (Bree) is responsible for the fires. But do they choose to arrest her or let her go? • Adventure with five encounters and seven...   [click here for more]
43.Mummy the Curse

Mummy the Curse
by Onyx Path Publishing

When you trespass, the reason you feel you are being watched is because you are. The fear is real. When you steal, the dread that comes over you is neither guilt nor paranoia, but the cold certitude of fate. The curse is real. When you die, know that your life was but a flash upon the face of the deep in the mind of your judge. We are real. And we are arisen....   [click here for more]
44.Shards of the Exalted Dream

Shards of the Exalted Dream
by Onyx Path Publishing

The world of Exalted has been reflected in the minds and stories of players across the world for over a decade. Now the mirror shatters, and White Wolf presents a collection of unique new visions of Exalted, shards of imagination to take your games through alternate realities, twisted histories, new genres, and even to the stars. In addition to re-imaginings of the...   [click here for more]
45.Gygax magazine issue #1

Gygax magazine issue #1
by TSR, Inc.

The premiere issue of Gygax magazine - the quarterly adventure gaming magazine. Contents for issue #1: The cosmology of role-playing games by James Carpio Still playing after all these years by Tim Kask Leomund's Secure Shelter by Len Lakofka The ecology of the banshee by Ronald Corn Bridging...   [click here for more]
46.Hero Kids - Expansion - Pet Cards

Hero Kids - Expansion - Pet Cards
by Hero Forge Games

This expansion for Hero Kids includes ten new pets for your game: Pixie - The pixie's small frame holds powerful magic Hound - The hound fights even more fiercely when hurt Eagle - Eagles attack their targets with swooping attacks Fox - The tiny fox responds to attacks with a vicious bite Bear - The bear's best defense is a strong friend at its back Lynx - This large feline transforms...   [click here for more]
47.Hero Kids - Expansion - Equipment Cards

Hero Kids - Expansion - Equipment Cards
by Hero Forge Games

This expansion for Hero Kids includes forty-eight pieces of equipment for your game: Armor: Pieces of armor and shields for defense and offense Items: Consumable potions and special items Magic: Wands and staffs for all types of magi Melee: Martial weapons for all fighting styles Miscellaneous: Pendants, charms, and special purpose weapons Ranged: Bows, bows, and more bows, but each...   [click here for more]
48.Gygax magazine issue #3

Gygax magazine issue #3
by TSR, Inc.

The third issue of Gygax magazine - the quarterly adventure gaming magazine. Contents for issue #3: How do you stop a space amoeba? by Stephen V. Cole The dwarven rune priest by James Carpio The airlancer by Jayson Elliot Artifacts to impart ancient lore by Michael Curtis Master...   [click here for more]
49.Hero Kids - Expansion - Hero Cards II

Hero Kids - Expansion - Hero Cards II
by Hero Forge Games

This expansion for Hero Kids includes ten new heroes for your game: Acrobat - Perform spectacular flips and tumbles to get in and out of trouble Alchemist - This bomb thrower is dangerous to enemies and allies Brute (Female) - The female brute is big enough to take on any enemy Healer (Male) - Trained in the forests of the Brecken Vale, the healer is a great addition to any group of...   [click here for more]
50.The Void Core PDF

The Void Core PDF
by WildFire

This listing is for the PDF version of The Void Core. POD also available! The Stars Were Never Meant For Us 2159 AD. It is a good time to be alive. The nations of Earth still exist, but they have become more civilized, and humanity has expanded into the rest of our solar system. But, alas, it is not to be our time. Something...   [click here for more]
51.Hero Kids - Adventure - Mines of Martek

Hero Kids - Adventure - Mines of Martek
by Hero Forge Games

When two brave miners (not minors) disappear after reopening the Mines or Martek, the kids are the only ones who are small enough to squeeze through the fock-fall that has blocked the entrance. Can the kids rescue the miners and find out what caused the mines to be abandoned in the first place? • Adventure with 7 encounters and maps • Includes several new monsters, including the...   [click here for more]
52.Hero Kids - Adventure - Tomb of the Lost King

Hero Kids - Adventure - Tomb of the Lost King
by Hero Forge Games

On the night of the dead moon, the kids are woken by the ghost of their clan's lost king, Rothgar. Can the kids overcome Rothgar's challenges and earn a valuable piece of equipment? • Adventure with 6 encounters and maps • Includes several new monsters, including several new skeletons and the scary ghost ...   [click here for more]
53.Ultimate Psionics

Ultimate Psionics
by Dreamscarred Press

Ultimate Psionics is just that—the ultimate book on psionics, combining all of the material in Psionics Unleashed and Psionics Expanded into a single hardcover book. But not only does Ultimate Psionics contain existing content, over seventy pages of brand new material has been added (separately released as Psionics Augmented for those who already have...   [click here for more]
54.Demon Condition Cards

Demon Condition Cards
by Onyx Path Publishing

Part of the new Demon: the Descent rules, Conditions add an additional layer of consequence and reward to certain actions in the World of Darkness. Various things within the course of a game can cause Conditions. These include exceptional successes, supernatural abilities, and really any situation where the Storyteller thinks they can be used to heighten the drama...   [click here for more]
55.Dark Ages: Darkening Sky

Dark Ages: Darkening Sky
by Onyx Path Publishing

The Oath-Truce fell with the darkening sky In May, 1230, an eclipse overwhelmed the sky, blurring the lines between day and night. What does this mean in the Dark Medieval World? Ask five people, expect ten answers. Darkening Sky is a series of five stories for the Dark Ages game lines. You’ll find a story for Fae©, Inquisitor©, Mage©,...   [click here for more]
56.Beyond The Edge: Buried Burdens

Beyond The Edge: Buried Burdens
by Hydra Team

TAKE YOUR CAMPAING BEYOND THE EDGE OF THE KNOWN WORLD Beyond The Edge (BTE) is a useful Numenera compatible digital resource for your roleplaying campaign. Every installment brings you in-depth characters, mortal perils and breathtaking locations. Each issue offers new game options, creatures and thrilling adventures – everything you need to take your campaign beyond...   [click here for more]
57.Extraction with Extreme Prejudice

Extraction with Extreme Prejudice
by Gun Metal Games

The job seems simple enough; grab a high profile geneticist from Bio Solutions, and deliver him to the contractor. In, out, done. Easy Peasy, right? Wrong. Word spreads fast in the sprawl, and once the wolves hear about the dandy diaper baby coming down from his ivory tower, he becomes a huge payday, and everyone wants to cash in. Will the characters complete the job as promised? Or will they succumb...   [click here for more]
58.Dungeon Crawl Classics #82: Bride of the Black Manse

Dungeon Crawl Classics #82: Bride of the Black Manse
by Goodman Games

A Level 3 Adventure Centuries past, Lady Ilse ascended to scion of House Liis by trading the archdevil Mammon what he wanted most: her immortal soul – and a diabolical betrothal. The triumph proved hollow, for every year on the eve of her fell covenant, she was beset by visions of Mammon and her foul promise. Seeking to save herself, she was buried alive, swaddled in the holy symbols...   [click here for more]
59.Hero Kids - Premium Adventure - Maze of the Minotaur

Hero Kids - Premium Adventure - Maze of the Minotaur
by Hero Forge Games

This premium adventure takes the kids deep into the lair of the fabled minotaur. Can the kids find a piece of the beast's treasure and escape, or will they fall foul to the minotaur or one of the other monsters and traps as they explore his maze? • Premium adventure with 8-12 encounters (or more...) • Includes the unique minotaur monster • Comes with 35 modular map tiles...   [click here for more]
60.Hero Kids - Adventure - Escape from the Ghost Pirates

Hero Kids - Adventure - Escape from the Ghost Pirates
by Hero Forge Games

The Escape from the Ghost Pirate adventure sees the adults and kids of Rivenshore captured by pirates and thrown into the hold of their ship. Can the kids escape from the hold and rescue everyone from the pirates, and will they discover the pirates' terrible secret? • Adventure with 4 encounters and maps • Includes the unique Pirate Captain monsters ...   [click here for more]
61.Convention Book: Void Engineers

Convention Book: Void Engineers
by Onyx Path Publishing

THE FEW, THE PROUD, THE ENLIGHTENED The Void Engineers are hiding something. They’ve traded many of their ideals for guns, turned vessels of peaceful exploration into mobile defense platforms, and — most frightening to the Union — forged themselves into an organized military. They’ve kept the rest of the Technocracy grounded as they fight a mysterious war...   [click here for more]
62.Guildhalls of the Deathless

Guildhalls of the Deathless
by Onyx Path Publishing

When you come to this guildhall, you come to learn the value of value. We walk in the flesh divine. Born of gold, we stride among the basest metals of man, learning the unfixed worth of each thing… apprehending the Dedwen of the living world.   We do this not merely for our Judge, nor even for the greater glory of the gods, but to manifest the unutterable...   [click here for more]
63.Hero Kids - Adventure - Glade of the Unicorn

Hero Kids - Adventure - Glade of the Unicorn
by Hero Forge Games

The Glade of the Unicorn adventure takes place on one of the kids' routine patrols into the Darkenwold Woods. During their patrol they rescue a unicorn from a pack of marauding goblins. The unicorn has been mortally wounded in the attack, so the kids must quest deeper into the forest to find a cure. • Adventure with nine encounters and nine new maps • Includes seven monsters: Wolf,...   [click here for more]

by GRAmel

Adventurers! is the new ultra-lite RPG from GRAmel. Made for Old School aficionados, it has a Player's Guide and a Game Master's Guide - each in only two pages! In the Player's Guide you'll find: +Fast but detailed character creation rules +Action resolution rules +Combat! +Gear and Encumbrance rules +A slick freeform system for creating magical characters, from traditional wizards to exotic faeries...   [click here for more]

by Bully Pulpit Games

As seen on Wil Wheaton's show Tabletop! Fiasco is an award-winning GM-less game for 3-5 players, designed to be played in a few hours with six-sided dice and no preparation. During a game you will engineer and play out stupid, disastrous situations, usually at the intersection of greed, fear, and lust. It's like making your own Coen brothers movie, in about the same amount...   [click here for more]
66.Lords of Gossamer & Shadow (Diceless)

Lords of Gossamer & Shadow (Diceless)
by Rite Publishing

Lords of Gossamer & Shadow Our world is but one of untold many, a flux of chance caught in the struggle between form and cacophony. Always, these forces are at war, shaping the infinite worlds. The immortal, self-appointed sovereigns of battle move between planes of reality with impunity: they are creators, shapers, and destroyers of worlds. In Lords of Gossamer & Shadow, you are...   [click here for more]
67.Parsantium: City at the Crossroads

Parsantium: City at the Crossroads
by Ondine Publishing

Parsantium: City at the Crossroads is a city sourcebook for use with all editions of the world’s bestselling fantasy RPGs. Parsantium is a melting pot, a cosmopolitan city where trade routes meet and great cultures collide. Inspired by real-life Byzantium with its rich Greco-Roman heritage, Parsantium is packed with characters, monsters and magic from the Tales of the Arabian...   [click here for more]
68.The Cleric Reforged (PFRPG)

The Cleric Reforged (PFRPG)
by Total Party Kill Games

Classes Reforged The Classes Reforged line explores each class in depth, amping up the fun and playability of each class. We have attempted to address some of the major criticisms of the class with an effort not to make them simply more powerful, but rather more fun to play in a manner that feels more in line with their concepts. The Cleric Reforged Why is it that clerics are the...   [click here for more]
69.Starships Book I0II00 : Asteroid Prospector

Starships Book I0II00 : Asteroid Prospector
by Christian Hollnbuchner

This product is a little booklet of a Traveller compatible starship. The ship introduced in this installment of the series is a small starship for asteroid prospecting, general exploration and small scale mining. The PDF contains the background of the ship, statistics for it and its crew. In addition the document contains simple deckplans (Without scale or grid!) of the ship and images showing the...   [click here for more]
70.Eclipse Phase: Transhuman

Eclipse Phase: Transhuman
by Posthuman Studios LLC

Transhuman is the expanded guide for both players and gamemasters: * Package-based character creation * Random life path character creation * Get more out of flexbots, swarmanoids, asyncs, and infomorphs with expanded rules and options * Make better Firewall agents with advice on investigation, combat tactics, espionage, and infiltration * Over 30 new morphs, new traits, and new character backgrounds...   [click here for more]
71.W20 Cookbook

W20 Cookbook
by Onyx Path Publishing

Every werewolf tribe has its traditions, legends, and customs. From the tales of lordly Silver Fangs to the debased Black Spiral Dancers, and from the isolated Siberakh to the long-dead White Howlers, those legends live on. Part of that culture comes across through each tribe’s attitude towards food. This book is a first for the World of Darkness, providing both extra background...   [click here for more]
72.Ship Book:Lune Class Freelancer

Ship Book:Lune Class Freelancer
by Moon Toad Publishing

The Lune is a multirole ship designed with small groups in mind such as freelancers, agents and adventurers. With decent armour, weapons and engines, she can fulfil a number of roles. Contains: A description and guided tour of the vessel Details of 6 notable ships of the class 3 versions of the Lune with complete deckplans, specification and game sheets The Gillow Class launch with one variant...   [click here for more]
73.Blood and Smoke Storyteller's Screen

Blood and Smoke Storyteller's Screen
by Onyx Path Publishing

Here's what the Blood and Smoke: the Strix Chronicle Storyteller's Screen includes: Full color, 11" x 25.5" collage of selected beautiful art from Blood and Smoke Three 8.5" x 11" pages of collected charts and tables selected to make your Storyteller job a bit easier One cover sheet with the product info on it About Blood...   [click here for more]
74.Fate of the Norns - Card Bundle

Fate of the Norns - Card Bundle
by Pendelhaven

Includes both: Fate of the Norns - Gulveig and Fate of the Norns: Ragnarok - Rune Deck ...   [click here for more]
75.Gygax magazine issue #2

Gygax magazine issue #2
by TSR, Inc.

Issue #2 of Gygax magazine - the quarterly adventure gaming magazine. Contents for issue #2: Tactics in Samurai Battles by Tim Kask The evolution from wargaming to role-playing by Ernest Gary Gygax Jr. Hitchhiking in Doctor Who by Jay Libby Leomund's Secure Shelter by Len Lakofka A...   [click here for more]
76.Fate Worlds: Worlds in Shadow

Fate Worlds: Worlds in Shadow
by Evil Hat Productions, LLC

Flexible RPG systems like Fate Core are terrific if you have the time and energy to put into building a world. But we also realize that sometimes extensive prep just isn’t feasible. The good news? You can still experience the Fate awesomeness with the help of the Fate Worlds expansion. Fate Worlds Volume Two: Worlds in Shadow is the second in a two-volume set. In Worlds in Shadow, you get six...   [click here for more]
77.Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine - EOS7000 (ePub only)

Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine - EOS7000 (ePub only)
by Eos Press

The Chuubo’s Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine RPG is the new diceless RPG from Jenna Katerin Moran, author of the well-regarded Nobilis and an important contributor to Eos’ Weapons of the Gods and White Wolf’s Exalted RPG. It’s a progressive, warm-hearted game that focuses on adventure and slice-of-life stories — think...   [click here for more]
78.Odyssey: The Complete Game Master's Guide to Campaign Management

Odyssey: The Complete Game Master's Guide to Campaign Management
by Engine Publishing

If you’re planning on running a campaign, you’ll want this book.” — Critical Hits review Do you ever wish you had a guide to help make running ongoing campaigns easier and more fun? Then you need Odyssey: The Complete Game Master's Guide to Campaign Management—to our knowledge, the first system-neutral book solely dedicated to the art...   [click here for more]
79.Hero Kids - Adventure - Curse of the Shadow Walkers

Hero Kids - Adventure - Curse of the Shadow Walkers
by Hero Forge Games

The Curse of the Shadow Walkers adventure finds the kids spending a day off at a swimming hole to the north of Rivenshore. On the way home they help a young girl to bring her runaway cart under control. She begs the heroes to help her mum and dad fight off a pack of hungry wolves, but could there be more to these attacks? • Adventure with five encounters and twelve new maps • Includes...   [click here for more]
80.Hero Kids - Adventure - The Lost Village

Hero Kids - Adventure - The Lost Village
by Hero Forge Games

On the eve of another harsh winter, the kids are sent on a journey to the village of Willowsdell to to determine why their autumn produce wagons have not arrived in Rivenshore. Can the kids make it to the distant outpost and discover what has happened to the lost village? • Adventure with 9 encounters and 5 new encounter maps • Includes a 8 new monsters to add you your...   [click here for more]
81.Fate Worlds: Worlds on Fire

Fate Worlds: Worlds on Fire
by Evil Hat Productions, LLC

Flexible RPG systems like Fate Core are terrific if you have the time and energy to put into building a world. But we also realize that sometimes extensive prep just isn’t feasible. The good news? You can still experience the Fate awesomeness with the help of the Fate Worlds expansion. Fate Worlds Volume One: Worlds on Fire is the first in a two-volume set. In Worlds on Fire, you get six rich...   [click here for more]
82.Never Unprepared: The Complete Game Master's Guide to Session Prep

Never Unprepared: The Complete Game Master's Guide to Session Prep
by Engine Publishing

2013 Origins Award nominee for Best Game-Related Publication! Includes DRM-free PDF, EPUB, MOBI, and text versions. "Gnome Stew has hit another home run for the Game Master. Never Unprepared has earned a permanent place in my GM toolbox, right along side the likes of Robin’s Laws of Good Game Mastering, Hamlet’s Hit Points, Play Dirty, Eureka, and Masks. Highly recommended."...   [click here for more]

by Melior Via

Monstrous Heroes Fight for Redemption... Witches have ruled the land since the last battles of conquest, but their Grand Coven has been sundered, leaving behind remnants of a once-mighty army. The survivors of the horde include captured citizens of the conquered nations that fought as the Witches’ shock troops. "I love it. Great graphics, great art, great writing,...   [click here for more]
84.Mage Translation Guide

Mage Translation Guide
by Onyx Path Publishing

Twenty Years and Counting... Add the Traditions in your Awakening game, or bring the ten Arcana to Mage: The Ascension. Pit the Seers of the Throne against the Technocracy for dominion over the world, and let your Nephandi call forth the Abyss. This guide will help you translate the feel and core elements from each version of Mage into the other's game...   [click here for more]
85.The Star Mage - A Dungeon World Playbook

The Star Mage - A Dungeon World Playbook
by Jacob Randolph

The Star Mage Preview Edition: Available Here The Star Mage is a playbook for the Dungeon World roleplaying game, and the fifth of my Mage Revised series. The Mage is one of the most popular playbooks I have ever written, but it has its flaws - the class is too open ended, and is generally capable of solving problems on a larger scope than any other class can really confront. My solution was to pare...   [click here for more]
86.Mindjammer - The Novel

Mindjammer - The Novel
by Modiphius

IT IS THE SECOND AGE OF SPACE... In the seventeenth millennium, the New Commonality of Humankind is expanding, using newly-discovered faster-than-light travel to rediscover lost worlds colonised in the distant past. It's a time of turmoil, of clashing cultures, as civilisations shudder and collapse before the might of a benevolent empire ten millennia old. In the Solenine Cluster, things are...   [click here for more]
87.Races of Obsidian Apocalypse: Flesh and Iron (PFRPG)

Races of Obsidian Apocalypse: Flesh and Iron (PFRPG)
by LPJ Design

A dark star fell from the sky bringing with it the end of all things! The sanctity of the world known as Abaddon was shattered when a global apocalyptic event of a meteor impacting the planet causing a destructive ecological and eldritch change. Now there is no day or night, just never ending Apocalypse. Races of Obsidian Apocalypse: Flesh and Iron adds four new races to the Obsidian Apocalypse campaign...   [click here for more]
88.Pirates & Dragons Core Rulebook

Pirates & Dragons Core Rulebook
by Cakebread & Walton

Pirates like gold. Dragons like gold. When the terrors of the sea meet the terrors of the sky, there’s bound to be trouble! They came from Albion, from Gaule and Esbania and Batavia, in search of the treasures of the New World. They found a menace older than mankind – dragons!   In their mountain lairs on the Dragon...   [click here for more]
89.Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG

Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG
by Goodman Games

Glory & Gold Won by Sorcery & Sword You’re no hero. You’re an adventurer: a reaver, a cutpurse, a heathen-slayer, a tight-lipped warlock guarding long-dead secrets. You seek gold and glory, winning it with sword and spell, caked in the blood and filth of the weak, the dark, the demons, and the vanquished. There are treasures to be won deep underneath, and you shall have...   [click here for more]
90.The God-Machine Chronicle Anthology

The God-Machine Chronicle Anthology
by Onyx Path Publishing

In 2004, the World of Darkness Rulebook introduced a concept that intrigued, tantalized and inspired readers and players, and left them with the question: What is the God-Machine? You hold in your hands the book that might answer that question...or might simply complicate it. The God-Machine Chronicle Anthology contains new fiction by Justin Achilli, Eddy Webb, Stew Wilson, David...   [click here for more]
91.God-Machine Condition Cards

God-Machine Condition Cards
by Onyx Path Publishing

Part of the new God Machine Chronicle rules, Conditions add an additional layer of consequence and reward to certain actions in the World of Darkness. Various things within the course of a game can cause Conditions. These include exceptional successes, supernatural abilities, and really any situation where the Storyteller thinks they can be used to heighten the drama...   [click here for more]
92.Invulnerable Super Hero RPG: Vigilante Edition

Invulnerable Super Hero RPG: Vigilante Edition
by Imperfekt Gammes

Invulnerable: Vigilante Edition is here! Invulnerable's simple, flexible system lets you create a super hero with a wide array of exciting Powers and Power Enhancements, quickly and easily. Purchase Levels in a Power and pick some Enhancements, and you're good to go! If you want more fine-tuned control, tweak every gadget and mutation with Power Modifiers. Being a super hero is more...   [click here for more]
93.Tianxia: Blood, Silk & Jade

Tianxia: Blood, Silk & Jade
by Vigilance Press

Kung Fu fantasy and epic Wuxia adventure come to life in Tianxia: Blood, Silk & Jade. Created for Fate Core System!   Launched on Kickstarter, Tianxia: Blood, Silk & Jade is now being made available to the world through RPGNow and Drive-Thru RPG! Renowned game designer Jack Norris presents an all-new adventure setting with Kung Fu rules designed...   [click here for more]
94.10+ Treasures: Magic Items for Dungeon World

10+ Treasures: Magic Items for Dungeon World
by Awful Good Games

I once (very recently) said, "Give a GM a magic item and they will have a 10 result for a treasure roll, but show a GM how to make a magic item, and they will have as many 10 results as they need." I figure, why not do both? This book is more than just a collection of magic items. I mean yeah, there are 32, with tweaks to modify them, as well as notes, uses, and example miss...   [click here for more]
95.The Fiasco Companion

The Fiasco Companion
by Bully Pulpit Games

The Fiasco Companion is a supplement for the award-winning game Fiasco, a game inspired by cinematic tales of small time capers gone disastrously wrong. The book includes in-depth discussion of common pitfalls and solid techniques for making Fiasco games excellent as well as advice for writing your own Playsets and hacking the rules. In addition, the Companion features exciting...   [click here for more]
96.Shaintar: Legends Arise

Shaintar: Legends Arise
by Evil Beagle Games

This is the full book, complete with all Player and Game Master information for Novice to Veteran play! Sean Patrick Fannon’s vision of Epic High Fantasy comes to life for Savage Worlds in this all new iteration brought to you by Evil Beagle Games. "The heart of any lasting and memorable roleplaying campaign is the setting. Is it vivid? Alluring? Full of mysteries, as well as straight-ahead...   [click here for more]
97.Achtung! Cthulhu: Plotting Cthulhu Dossier

Achtung! Cthulhu: Plotting Cthulhu Dossier
by Modiphius

The 19 page Plotting Cthulhu Dossier helps you construct some truly nefarious Mythos plots set against the backdrop of World War Two. By looking at various inspirational film and television sources it hopes to show how you, the Keeper, can mine them for ideas for your own games. If you are still a bit stumped, there is a comprehensive plot generator to further aid you in your machinations plus a two...   [click here for more]
98.Savage Worlds SciFi Weapons Cards Expansion Set 01

Savage Worlds SciFi Weapons Cards Expansion Set 01
by DramaScape

Savage Worlds SciFi Weapons Cards Expansion 01 27 new SciFi Weapons for your Game. If you buy the printed cards make sure you tick the Watermarked pdf and cards as you will then get the PDF free. The cards are US Poker-Size 2.5" x 3.5" with rounded corners, double sided, UV coated, you...   [click here for more]
99.Racial Ecologies: Living Dolls

Racial Ecologies: Living Dolls
by Fat Goblin Games

Racial Ecologies: Living Dolls No one knows how or why some animated objects develop personalities, or why some objects spontaneously become sentient, but there is no question that it does happen, and in recent years it has increased in frequency. Some say that they are crafted by witches on Unholy nights, or the love and imagination of a child fills the toys with “positive...   [click here for more]
100.CAH:S3 -- The Mighty Mirror Masters

CAH:S3 -- The Mighty Mirror Masters
by Spectrum Games

In this Cartoon Action Hour: Season 3 series book by Jason L Blair, a mystical gemstone is discovered that can peer into the souls of those who view it and divine their true nature, bringing it to life in physical form. Those with kind souls were blessed with Divine Light, becoming paragons of good, able to call forth noble creatures made of pure light. Those whose souls harbored...   [click here for more]
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